7 Best 2-Way Radios for Business to Increase Your Profits

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Do you feel jealous when you see a perfect event where everything is happening with perfect timing? Have you ever felt that what if you could pull out something as perfect as that with your team?

If you do, then let me tell you something first. Imbalance in action is a result of wrong timing and lack of coordination. So, if you can get rid of those, things will get a lot easier this time. But what can the best 2-way radios for business do here? It literally can fix the problem that I’ve just told you about.

But before I suggest any of them, you need to know more about this wireless tech to make a better decision in this regard. Let’s get started then!

What are the Best 2-Way Radios for Business?

When you get the best 2-way video, you’re sure of executing your events smoothly with excellent communication between your team members. Getting the best radio is really hard. How about you look at this summary and see what could take care of your needs?

Best 2-way business radio: Motorola RMV2080 2-Way Business Radio
It has an impressive coverage range, military-grade features to deal with adverse conditions, and a compatibility feature that enables you to use it anywhere.

Best value: BTECH MURS-V1 Business Two-Way Radio
This small radio combines compactness, sturdiness, battery life and ease of use all in one gadget.

Most high-tech: Cobra PX500 Business Two-Way Radios
It has prompt and quick responses as well as the execution of commands to help you manage your business in a few clicks.

Best long-range: Retevis H-777 Business Walkie Talkies
With this walkie talkie, you can effortlessly manage a team even when you’re 1.5 miles away as it has strong signal strength and good voice quality.

Most convenient: Motorola Business CLS1110 UHF Two-Way Radio
It comes with a user manual to help you set your wanted frequency coupled with a talk confirmation feature.

Superior battery life: Midland BR200 Business Radio
It is fixed with a 3.7 V Lithium-ion battery that can last the radio for about 21 hours.

Editor’s choice: Kenwood TK-3230DX UHF Two-Way Radio
It has a superb performance with a shorter recharge time and is quite affordable.

What Is Two-Way Business Radio?

According to the traditional boring definition, a radio that is capable of delivering and receiving radio waves is called two-way radio. Now let me tell you the definition you were looking for.

A two-way business radio is a piece of radio tech you can use for perfecting the prompt communication among all your teams. Want to arrange a party in a banquet hall, or manage an entire gallery of visitors with your team? This wireless tech will get your flawless communication and nail the perfect coordination.

With amazing built quality, two-way business radios are capable of standing strong in any unfavorable situation. To be honest, that’s what they’re built for. It doesn’t matter you’re dropping them on solid concrete or in water; it’ll survive easily. Worrying about low run time? The stronger batteries ain’t going to let it happen.

Unlike your regular cell phones, they can keep you connected at places with lower signals. Moreover, as these radios are made for keeping the communication up all the time, they can cover wide areas effortlessly.

To let you have all clear and flawless communication with your team, these radios make sure that the frequency remains stable as a rock all the time. In business, you need to keep your messages secure, right? The two-way business radios can ensure privacy there as well with the tons of codes.

Types of Two-Way Radios

Most of you might call it old school, but the expediency has gone down, not even a bit of the two-way radios. To have the precise usage, there’s been a wide variety in the type of these radios. All you need to do is find out which one is going to serve you the best. Let’s check them out then?

Analog Two-Way Radios

Analog ones are the most basic and common two-way radios you’ll see the most around you. These traditional radios are the most useful ones for Aircraft communication. Not only that, but they’re equally useful for traffic control as well. For areas with low signal, they’re considered as the best option.

Digital Two-Way Radios

If you’re looking for something with a faster conversion speed, then the two-way digital radio is what you need on your hand. Their sophisticated setup has given them similarity to modern cell phones.

These are nothing but an ideal piece of communication tech when you want coverage over a wider area. You can easily push its usefulness to a higher level, whether you’re on any urban area or wilderness.

Simplex Channels Two-Way Radio

Simplex channels two-way radios are nothing but perfect for having quicker communication on a single channel. To have the perfect compatibility level with modern two-way radios, it has been given a very simple architecture. But the short-range, plus the bandwidth narrows down the extent of the communication.

Duplex Channels Two-Way Radio

Unlike the simplex channels, duplex channels two-way radio covers a wider range. As it permits repeated operations, anyone will have a better communicational advantage here.

Conventional Two-Way Radio

Conventional two-way radios allow a person to communicate on a single channel, and that is at a given time. The user has the complete freedom to choose any channel as they prefer. All they need to do for that is hit the dial button.

Trunked Two-Way Radio

The automated capability of picking physical radiofrequency is what makes this one different than the conventional one. And the permission of different channels on these radios is guided by certain built-in protocol. When you need something to have multiple conversations at a time, this what you should pick in the first place.

7 Best 2-Way Radios for Business


Now, it’s time to pull all the finest option of 2-way radios for business out of the box. All these two-way radios are built with supreme quality and efficient performance. Without wasting any more time, let’s unbox the first one on our list.

1. Motorola RMV2080 Two-Way Business Radio

Motorola RMV2080 Two-Way Business Radio

Tech giant Motorola never took any step back when it came to communication techs. So, as a leap ahead once again, they thought of something unique and sturdy as the RMV2080.

The first thing that’ll leave you impressed is the coverage range. This Moto tech can cover up to 200,000 square feet in an open space. But if you need it within a building to keep your team in perfect coordination, then you can cover up to 13 floors with this bad boy.

With the military-grade specifications, you won’t have to worry about dust or wind. In fact, it can easily deal with shocks or vibration along with other adverse conditions.

As its prior motive is to make your business better, you can utilize it anywhere. It’ll amaze you with its compatibility as it suits construction, manufacturing, retail, education, or any other complex field of work.

Highlighted Features

  • 1500 mW speaker gives scope for clear communication
  • NOAA Weather Alerts provide automated weather notification
  • Military Standard 810 C, D, E, F plus G ensures superior durability
  • 2100 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery keeps the device alive for 15+ hours
  • Customized channel announcement helps you in keeping your hands free

2. BTECH MURS-V1 Business Two-Way Radio

BTECH MURS-V1 Business Two-Way Radio

You’re looking for sturdiness, compactness, and ease at the same time. Well, you can get it simply by grabbing the MURSV1 from BTECH. After all, that’s where you’re going to get them all at once.

With a 0.25-mile range in the wilderness, you’re not going to face problems in staying in touch with your team all the time. Impressively, on flat terrain, you have a range of 3 to 5 miles. So, do you still feel any problem in assuming how powerful this wireless tech is?

To keep you tagged with your teammates, the 1800 mAh battery is not going to die anyway before 3.5 hours. With the powerful flashlight, forget about losing your way in the dark. Another good news is, you’re not going to need any FCC license to use the BTECH MURS-V1.

Highlighted Features

  • 1800mAh BL-8 battery for long time backup without interruption
  • Dual Monitor with a synchronized display
  • Keypad lock
  • VOX or the handsfree voice activation
  • LCD screen works as the indicator of the signal strength

3. Cobra PX500 Walkie Talkies Pro Business Two-Way Radios

Cobra PX500 Walkie Talkies

A business needs efficient tech to keep it up with the world. It needs faster execution of commands and prompt responses in all aspects. Cobra PX500 is something built to fill that gap up in the best way.

Just like any other professional business radios, the Cobra PX500 comes with a wide area coverage. You can easily cover an area of 250,000 square feet with it. If you count its coverage with floors, then it’ll be 20.

To make sure you have an easier understanding of channels, it has an LCD display. Along with that, the 1000 mAh lithium-polymer battery will get you an uptime of 12 hours in a row. The microphone/speaker jack will make it easier for you to use earpieces or headsets.

Highlighted Features

  • 121 privacy codes
  • The call alert feature allows you to know about the incoming calls
  • Keylock system
  • The power saver mode with an automatic starting system

4. Retevis H-777 Long Range Business Walkie Talkies

Retevis H-777 Long Range Business Walkie Talkies

Is your team too big to manage? Are they bad at teamwork? Then why don’t you just bring them under your command simply with the Retevis H-777? If you’re looking for a perfect long-range 2-way business radio, then this can be it.

Even if you’re 1.5 miles away, you can still get in touch with your team without any effort. Under a challenging environment with a temperature of -20° C ~ +60 ° C, it can simply keep you connected.

The 1000 mAh Li-ion battery will give you enough back up to get your job done within the time. Moreover, the signal stability and voice quality, both are quite admirable on this one. The scanning feature will make it easier than ever to locate the conversations in progress.

Highlighted Features

  • Programmable frequencies to set it in operation as you prefer
  • 3-ounce weight makes it super easy to carry around and use
  • The high-quality speaker maximizes the audio clarity
  • Built-in flashlight
  • The low battery alarm makes sure that you get it recharged on time

5. Motorola Business CLS1110 5-Mile 1-Channel UHF Two-Way Radio

Motorola Business CLS1110 Two-Way Radio

Are you facing range issues with your current two-way radio? Need something that can push it further? Then have a look at the Motorola CLS1110.

Just like we said before, Motorola CLS1110is capable of covering a humongous area of 200,000 square feet. If you want to stay connected to your team within a building, then it can cover up to 15 floors easily.

With the talk confirmation feature, you’ll have a complete understanding of the timing of the conversation. It comes with a manual of instructions, which makes it super convenient to alter the frequency the way you want.

The display will render you all the required info while operating the radio. It includes the indication of battery level, channel indicator, signal strength, etc. To let you have a better understanding of the device, Motorola has included the feature of audible call alert. It’ll let you know if anyone is dialing for you or not.

Highlighted Features

  • With the 5 miles of talk range
  • Operational on 56 business-exclusive frequencies with 121 codes
  • The lithium-ion battery can provide a run time of 18 long hours
  • Keypad lock
  • 38 analog sub-channels with 83 digital sub-channels

6. Midland Consumer Radio BR200 Business Band Portable

Midland Consumer Radio BR200

Midland has never thought of staying behind in the race of bringing the best two-way radio. As a successful attempt on the wireless tech segment, they’ve brought the BR200 with superior range and efficient performance.

One of the best things about Midland is they never underestimate the importance of better battery life. Probably that’s why they’ve given BR200 a 3.7 V Lithium-Ion battery, which can keep the radio alive for 21 long hours.

To keep it all simple and easy, Midland has given this radio two knobs to make required adjustments to the volume and channels. With the monitor button, adjusting the incoming transmission volume has become much simpler. The same goes for the scan button for prompt scanning over all channels.

Highlighted Features

  • Capable of covering a huge 250,000 ft² range
  • 56 business-exclusive frequencies with 145 privacy codes
  • Has monitor and scan functions to establish connectivity instantly
  • Comes with the option for compatibility to other two-way business radios
  • Has 4 UHF channels that can be expanded up 16

7. Kenwood TK-3230DX ProTalk UHF Business Two-Way Radio

Kenwood TK-3230DX ProTalk UHF Business Two-Way Radio

Having the perfect communication tech is considered as a prior element in any business. To add a new feather to that segment, Kenwood has brought the TK-3230DX. With superb performance, it has many other aspects to amaze you with.

With a huge coverage range, it can cover up to 225,000 sq ft with the ability to penetrate steel and concrete. In urban areas, you can stay connected to your team within a range of 1.5 miles. In any high-rise building, it can cover up to 17 floors.

To ensure a longer run time, the 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery pack under the battery saver mode can sustain for 18 hours. Without batter saver, the runtime will be up to 14 hours. Only 2.5 hours of recharge time will be enough to put it back to the “battery full” mode.

Highlighted Features

  • IP52 and Mil-STD 810 C, D, E, F, and G standards
  • Built-in VOX communication keeps your hands free
  • The 2000 mAh battery provides run time up to 18 long hours
  • With the 5 miles talk range, it becomes easy to stay connected
  • 99 UHF business frequencies


Benefits of a Two-Way Business Radio

Isn’t it the benefit that drags us towards tech in the first place? Then why wouldn’t we check on that while thinking about grabbing the best two-way radios for business? So, then let’s have a look over the benefits you’ll get with a two-way business radio.

Ease of Communication

With a two-way business radio, things get much easier when it comes to communication. Moreover, it gets faster and flawless at the same time as well. With the push of a button or turning a knob, the next voice you’ll hear is of your desired teammate.

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Once you have a two-way business radio, it’s easy to keep it all within the team. So, any conversation within your teammates has no chance of breach to any third party for sure.


Maintaining a two-way business radio is cheaper than any other communication so far. Unlike any cellular network, you won’t have to pay for every conversation you make. You can reach your team anytime you want without spending a penny on it.


A two-way business radio is nothing as fragile as cell phones. They’re made of sturdy construction and can sustain in unfavorable situations. Water, dust, shocks are nothing, but just words for a device like this.

Wide Area Coverage

Places, where the signal is at its lowest, two-way radios, can maintain constant communication. Not only that, but the wide area can be covered by this device. Some two-way business radio can push it up to a coverage of a 6-mile radius.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the 2-way business radios:

Does every business need two-way radio?

No, it doesn’t. But will you miss the chance to have better coordination with your team? If not, getting a 2-way business radio will not only save your time and money but will also push you towards improved results.

Do I need a license for a business radio?

Yes and no, both can be the answer here. Most of the two-way radio requires a license these days. So, to be on the safe side, it’s better to have a license. But in case you don’t want to go through that hassle, then you can go for radio models which don’t require one.

How do I apply for an FCC business radio license?

It’s as easy as following some certain steps. First, you need to log in to ULS Online Filing. Use your FCC Registration Number and password on the panel. Now click on the ‘Apply for a New License’. Then pick Radio Service for the new license.

After that, hit Continue to go through with the application. Once you sign the application, click on Submit Application.

How much is a business 2-way radio license?

Usually, a single frequency license shouldn’t be costing more than $449. But if you want one with a repeater, then it might cost $549. By the way, these licenses have a lifetime of 10 years. So, don’t think that you’ll have to spend it every year on renewal.

Will you be using your business radio indoors or outdoors?

Yes, if I’ll be thinking about using the radio for indoors, then the best commercial 2-way radios for that will be the UHF or 900Mhz radios. It’s because they can penetrate steel and concrete.

But if I need a radio for outdoor use, then VHF radios are perfect for that. In case the radio is for both, then I’ll stick to the UHF or 900Mhz radios as they can serve both.

Who makes the best 2-way business radio?

So far, I’ve seen remarkable innovations in the ‘best two-way business radios’ segment from some of the renowned brands. These brands include Motorola, Cobra, Kenwood, Midland, Retevis. So, you can choose any of them as the best. They all have features and capacity to perform up to the mark.

Final Words

Communication is the key to a business that never fails in ensuring perfect execution of plans. But what if you can’t reach your teammates to put it all together? To move that barrier, choosing the best 2-way radios for business has always been proved as an effective decision in almost every sector.

Do you also want your team to have a better productivity level with flawless communication? Then I don’t think it’ll be anything less than the best decision if you grab a two-way radio for your team as well.

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