10 Best Beach Radios For Relaxing Beach Vacation in 2022

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If you want to have a party on the beach, then you need the best beach radio with you. You can listen to your favorite tunes and much more lying on the beach enjoying the sun touching the skin. Or just have it to blast music from the phone.

But not all radio is good for the beach. With water, sand all around, the devices can wreck quite easily. So, you need special radios made for the occasion.

To find them, check out the list below.

What are the Best Beach Radios?

There is nothing as good as lying on the beach with great music blasting through your ears. Smartphones can do that but at the risk of getting soaked in water or dust hence why you will need specialized devices for that. Check below for the ten best beach radios with their unique features.

Most Portable: Panasonic Rf-2400D Am/FM Radio
It has a dual power system and is light that makes it easy to carry around on the beach.

Best Overall: Sangean U3 Water Resistant Radio
It has a rugged look that makes it drop and waterproof and a 6W speaker to give you a good sound experience.

Best Battery Backup: HB Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Radio
It is waterproof and has a powerful battery that can give you up to 6 hours of playback time.

Best For Night Beach: FosPower Portable Beach Radio for Night
It has a huge 2000mAH battery that can act as a power bank to power your other devices. It has high power light.

Best For Speaker: Sangean PR-D18BK Digital Radio
It is a small-sized pocket radio with powerful speakers that keep you entertained.

Best For Emergency: Kaito KA500 NOAA Beach Radio for Emergency
You would not want a storm finding you on the beach unprepared, and this radio will keep you alert at all times with 7 NOAA channels for emergency alert broadcasts.

Best Waterproof: BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Beach Radio
This radio has an IPX7 rating that makes it 100% waterproof.

Best Bluetooth Speaker: Sbode Bluetooth Speakers Radio for Beach
It has a woven mesh surrounding it, making it rain, snow, dust and splash-proof.

Most Durable: Sangean BB-100 BlueBox Ultra-Rugged
It has a rugged design that makes it shock, sand, water and drop-proof to give it a long life span.

Best User-friendly: Studebaker SB 2000TS Retro Radio
It has a simple look with simple dials for sound and tuning.

Best Beach Radio Buying Guide: Features to Consider

best beach radio

To get the best portable radio for the beach, you need to first identify the features that make one great for the environment.

Regular radios won’t cut out for the job. So, you need to go to purchase with different traits in mind. And that’s what I’ll show you here.


Getting a waterproof radio is the need of the hour. You need to make sure water can’t damage the parts of the radio. Now, some gears are good when it comes to dealing with water splashes. Where some can be submerged in water and still nothing will happen to them. To figure out the right type, you need to look into the waterproof rating of the radio.


Beside the water, the beach is a place where there is sand all around. So, there is the risk of dust getting into the radio and causing malfunction. To avoid such a thing from happening, you need to get dustproof gear with sealed covers to not let the sands to creep in the parts and wreck the radio.


Using a radio outdoors, you need a device that cuts the noise around and provides you sound to listen and jam to your tunes. So, make sure to get a radio that can be loud. And doing so the sound quality shouldn’t get distorted for sure.

Weather alert:

You never know when the next big tsunami forms in the middle of the sea and is waiting to hit the shore. That’s why a radio with weather alert features like NOAA channels should be on your list of priorities. If such things can happen, you will get a quick weather update of your area on those devices to get back to safety in time.

Signal reception:

All the alerts will go in vain if the radio can’t receive the signals in time. That’s why investing in a radio with a quality receiver antenna should be on the wish list. That way, no matter the location, you will get to tune into your favorite stations and listen to them loud and clear on the radio. And to know if you’re getting the right reception, a feature like the signal indicator on the radio can be a real game-changer.

Battery life:

There is no outlet to plug in the radio and play when you’re outdoors. That’s why having a radio with long battery life is a must. You should get at least 5-8 hrs of playtime from it without any problem. There are some radios with a backup power source. With them, you can easily extend these hours.


Outdoor gear needs to be durable. No different for the beach radio. It should withstand the drops, shocks, and all that and keep playing the music no matter. If durability is a matter that is most important to you as a user, go with something like the Sangean as they got those roll cage designs that provide safety beyond your imagination.

Music sources:

Not all the time you will feel like listening to the radio. Sometimes you might want to play your favorite tunes and for that, you need to have the ability to play from other sources on the radio. That’s why getting a radio with multiple music sources like an SD card, Bluetooth or Aux-in cable should be on the checklist.

Best Beach Radio – Reviews

beach radio reviews

Which radio to pick to take with you on the beach? Can’t make up your mind yet? Then no worries, I will help with the choice with the radios I’ve got here.

Just take a look and find the right one for yourself from here.

1. Panasonic Rf-2400D Am/FM Radio

Panasonic Rf-2400D Am/FM Radio

Panasonic, an iconic name in the game. No surprise, they got the Rf-2400D, a basic Am/Fm portable radio on their lineup for the most popular portable radio for beach.

Yes, it is quite a basic radio.

Here, you get to enjoy the retro look of the old models with nothing but a 10 cm speaker and a large slide rule tuning dial at front.

The model runs on AC power, but to avoid power line noise while using the radio, you can use 4 AA cells to run it. No wonder it makes the beach radio reviews as the alternative power source gives it the portability.

Using it is a joy too. It got nothing but an On/off button and an Am/Fm switch. Besides that, there is the tuning knob for that old school tuning LED on the side and a scroller wheel to control the volume.

Reception quality on this radio does a commendable job keeping the price of it in mind. Yes, it is analog in style, but the tuning of it happens in steps just like the digital ones. The true peak of it makes tuning easier than many of the other radios.

The sound quality isn’t the best, but it is good enough to hear the tunes.

Overall the RF-2400D might not get a cult status like many of the other Panasonic, but it ain’t far behind.

Highlighted Features:

  • Runs on dual power.
  • Good 4” speaker
  • Has a nice big radio panel
  • Offers earphone jack
  • Simple control panel with: power, band, tuning and sound operations
  • Has a solid handle for easy carrying
  • Quality reception antenna

2. Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged and Water Resistant Digital Tuning Radio

Sangean U3 AM/FM Ultra Rugged

Complete polar opposite of the Panasonic is the Sangean U3. Looking at it, you can see what I’m talking about as it doesn’t look like a radio and more of like a machine. Make sense as it got made for outdoors like workplaces.

The cage tube around the device is there to prove that. It got made to survive the accidental drops and abuse of the condition like water and shocks. So, it is perfect for taking outdoors.

But not only appearance, but the radio is also different from the earlier one in terms of the bundle of functionality it has to provide. Taking from the top, you get an LCD display on the radio that shows exactly the station you’re listening to.  Also, it shows the time.

You then get PLL synthesized tuning that gives noiseless tuning, unlike the analog one. If tuning seems like too much, you can use auto scanning for finding stations. Not to forget, you get 10 stations preset memory with 5 AM and 5 FM channels for quick access. So, save your favorite channels for quick access.

The radio even works like a clock. It can wake you up while playing your favorite radio station or just buzz you to get up from the bed. Use the adjustable sleep timer with the snooze function for that. And when you want to shut it down, there is an auto-shutoff timer for that too.

With a 6.5-inch full range 6W speaker and a dynamic bass compensation system in place, the sound quality produced by the cage radio will get you grooving. And the LED flashlight will show you the way in the dark on outdoor camping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water and drop resistant
  • Has 10 memory presets
  • Offers LCD display with backlit
  • Provides stereo headphone
  • Station auto scan
  • Has a soft bending spring antenna
  • 2 alarm functions: Human awake buzz and radio

3. HB Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Beach Radio

HB Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Beach Radio

You’re lying on the beach, listening to music on your radio. Suddenly a big wave comes and there goes water inside the radio. The end of it. Not if you got the HB illumination’s best beach Bluetooth radio.

Even being submerged in water for 30 minutes, the radio can keep blasting your favorite tunes without any problem. No risk of getting shocked, as it takes care of that. And the other problem that often you might have with gadgets, dust, it got a solution to that too.

So, it is perfect for the beach.

The built-in radio is quite good as it catches clear frequencies. And the 5W output speaker gets the best quality sound for the listener to enjoy. But what’s even great is that it supports Bluetooth. You can connect your smartphone and play your favorite songs on it too. It is a great backup speaker when you’re having a party in the home.

And to set the mood for the party, it got those 10 multi-colored LED lights that set the room’s vibe. But works great for the shower for which it got made in the first place.

This is why it even has an integrated microphone on it so that you can take calls. But for many, the quick charging within 3 hours still seems to be a standout feature of the lot.

Highlighted Features:

  • Got IPX7 waterproof certification
  • Offers built-in FM Radio.
  • 5W Output Speaker.
  • Has Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Got an integrated microphone for taking calls.
  • Suction cup design to fix in bathroom wall
  • Got 10 multi-colored LED mood lights
  • Provides up to 6 hours of playback time
  • 3 hours charging time

4. FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Beach Radio for Night

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Beach Radio

FosPower is the best beach waterproof radio to take with you for various reasons. First of all, take the rugged shell of it. It won’t let the sand creep in while it doesn’t get affected by the water splashes.

Going to the beach means a sunny day. To take advantage of that, the radio got a solar panel to ensure that you can use it for longer hours. If it’s a gloomy day, no worries, the crank lever is there to generate some power to run it. And if that seems too much work, you always got the regular batteries to run the unit.

What’s unique about the gear is that you can even use it to charge your other devices with it. It got a 2000 mAh capacity power bank capability.

When having a nice time on the beach, if a sudden storm or tsunami starts to form near you, the NOAA channels will let you know about that. The AM/FM emergency broadcast of it is a likable feature for the travelers.

Features like a reading light or a flashlight are also there to prove that claim.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supports AM, FM and WB band
  • Works as a power bank: 2000mAH capacity
  • Got a IPX-3 waterproof rating
  • Offers a LED flashlight
  • Has reading light: 4LED
  • Runs on 3-power sources: Battery, crank and solar panel
  • Got an emergency SOS alert system

5. Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Portable Digital Radio

Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Portable Digital Radio

The compact Sangean is perfect to take on to the beach. Even at home, the device is perfect to have due to its small size and those vibrant colors.

Now, the vibrant colors that it gets is from the outer rubber that also saves it from the drops.

That aside, there are a lot of cool features for you as a user to enjoy. Take the built-in headphone jack for instance. You can listen to music or radio shows in private while carrying it around with you like a phone.

But that’s just the start.

Features like preset memory stations make it easy for you to get access to your favorite channels fast. And with a nice backlit display at the front, you can use it even in the dark. For me, the auto station seeking with adjustable tuning step is the cherry on top. You can fine-tune channels now no matter the location

Plus, it even has a radio and buzzer alarm. Even has a snooze button like a clock to get those extra minutes of shut-eye.

For the price of the features it packs, it is a great portable radio for the beach, hands down!

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides 10 Station Presets: 5 AM/5 FM each
  • Got a LCD Display with Backlight
  • Auto seeking stations
  • Has adjustment step tuning
  • Radio or Buzzer alarm
  • Has a snooze button
  • Got a channel lock switch

6. Kaito KA500 AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Beach Radio for Emergency

Kaito KA500 AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Alert Beach Radio

For outdoor use, Kaito got one very good portable radios in the business. You will never have a lack of idea to run the unit as it gives you 6-way to power. Here, you’ve solar panels, crank generator, batteries, NiMH rechargeable one, USB, and even wall power outlet. So, indoors and outdoors, you have many ways to provide power to use it.

And when you have it running, you can enjoy AM, FM, and 2-band shortwave on it. The best part is obviously the emergency alert broadcast with 7 NOAA channels that keep you notified about the weather condition around you at all times.

Besides getting a 24/7 weather forecast, Kaito can operate as your emergency power source to charge devices. And when you’re not using it to charge your phone, you can use it to show you the way in the dark with the LED flashlight. Or use the 5 LED reading lights to go through your favorite reads outdoors.

Plus, there is a red LED SOS beacon light to ask for help if you get in some trouble.

One thing about the Kaito that truly stands out is the  14.5” high sensitive telescopic antenna. To make better use of that, there is a LED signal strength indicator on the radio to help you get pin-point tuning for the stations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Got 6 power sources.
  • Comes with 7 pre-programmed NOAA channels
  • Has a 24/7 weather forecast
  • Works as a power bank
  • Got 5-LED reading lamp, LED flashlight red LED SOS beacon light
  • Has a 14.5″ high sensitive telescopic antenna
  • LED signal strength indicator
  • Made from impact and water resistant ABS material

7. BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Beach radio with Loud HD Sound

BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Beach radio with Loud HD Sound

While enjoying the pool parties on a sunny day, if you feel like listening to tunes, go for BassPal.

You can float it on water and play music. How cool is that? No need to worry if it gets submerged in water. It got an IPX7 rating. Yes, it is 100% waterproof.

The silicone cases and solid internal frame doesn’t allow anything to get inside it. Even keeping that aside, you get a beat-driven LED lighting system with 7 colors which set the mood of the room.

What makes it even awesome is the fact you can take two of them and play music in sync to create a stereo atmosphere using just the radio. Though it is small in size, the BassPal proves why it got the name with a loud sound of the highest quality to liven up any room.

Where others are still dealing with Bluetooth 3.0,  it introduces 5.0 to offer an insane range of 66 ft.  And as you can connect it to the phone, it got a microphone to let you take calls from anywhere without the phone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides loud Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Got IPX7 Waterproof rating
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and radio
  • Has a strong suction cup and a portable carabiner clip
  • Beat-driven 7 mood light
  • Offers mic to take hands-free speakerphone call
  • Gives 8-hours of continuous play time.

8. Sbode Bluetooth Speakers Portable Waterproof FM Radio for Beach

Sbode Bluetooth Speakers Portable Waterproof FM Radio for Beach

Fitting right in your palms is the Sbode Bluetooth speaker radio. The bass radiators on it offer acoustic sound with balanced bass that is unseen in a radio of this stature.

As you know it got Bluetooth 4.2. You can 100 feet range with easy. And just like the earlier speaker, you can sync two of the Sbode to create your own stereo system.

Besides playing the radio or from the phone, it even has an SD card slot as well as an AUX-in line to play using it. You can connect it to your device like a TV as the home stereo.

Build quality of this radio too stands out. The woven mesh surrounding this cylinder shape radio got a solid feel to it. And it is as it is splash, rain, snow, dust, in short, everything proof.

But can’t submerge it. Take notes on that.

Yes, like all Bluetooth speakers, it got a hands-free operation to take calls and all that.  But for me, the feature that makes difference is the automatic power shut. If it is standing for 10 minutes, it turns off to save power.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers Bluetooth support
  • Provides sync with another Sbode radio
  • Supports Aux-in cable and SD card
  • Has a solid design
  • Offers auto shutdown.
  • Provides 15 hrs of playtime
  • Takes 3 hrs to charge from 0%

9. Sangean BB-100 BlueBox AM/FM Ultra-Rugged

Sangean BB-100 BlueBox AM/FM Ultra-Rugged

For the portable beach radio, Sangean got another great option. IT’s the BB-100 BlueBox.

Sangean is famous for the rugged cage design, and that is exactly what the radio offers. From drops and shocks, it won’t get damaged that easily.

Besides that durability, the radio is also water-resistant. So, you get the validation to take it with you close to waters on the beach. Plus, dust doesn’t get inside it.

Now, coming to the radio itself. Performance is top-notch with that 5.25″ high powered speaker. And right beside you’ve got a super friendly control panel with a couple of buttons and a backlit display.

Using it can’t be any easier. You’ve got two large knobs for sound and tuning. The display shows the station you’ve tuned it. If you’ve got some favorite channels that you often follow, you’ve got 5 memory presets for both AM and FM that you can access with the buttons below the screen.

If not in the mood to listen to the radio, pair up your phone with Bluetooth or use the Aux-in cable to use with the Sangean. It got that versatility.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rain, Dirt and shock resistant
  • Memory Preset Stations: 5AM and 5FM
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.1
  • Rugged build with cage around
  • Has a flexible Antenna
  • Got a Backlit LCD Display
  • High-quality, loud speaker

10. Studebaker SB2000TS Teal/Silver Retro Classic Portable

Studebaker SB2000TS Teal/Silver Retro Classic Portable

If you want just a simple radio to take with you on trips then Studebaker is the ideal device to have. With that foldable handle on top, carrying it around won’t cause trouble.

You will love the fact that it comes in various colors. If that’s something that appeals to you when it comes to purchasing, Studebaker got that covered.

The radio itself isn’t that bad. You get AM/FM support. It even has an auxiliary jack to connect your phones or other audio players to play music from the radio.

Using the device is one of the easier. It got a big dial for tuning the radio, and below that is a smaller one for the sound.

The quality of audio from it is good. 2.25″ premier speaker doesn’t disappoint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Good quality 2.25” speaker
  • Supports both AM/FM
  • Has a large tuning knob
  • Got a knob for sound control
  • AUX-in cable to connect with other devices


How To Care & Maintain The Beach Radio?

If you’re getting any of the above radio then there isn’t much that you require to do. Except for a couple of things that might give more lifespan to the radio.

Here they are:

  • Don’t let water or sand to get in the speaker. The devices all do that for you. But some of the beach radio might not have the same level of sealing as the others, so keeping that in mind, you should take care of them.
  • Coming from the beach, always wipe the whole thing to make sure no sand goes under the buttons or creeps into the speaker.
  • Regularly check batteries and see if they are in good condition. If they aren’t, then make sure to change them or the performance of it will get affected big time.
  • The last bit of advice is when the radio isn’t in use, just store it away in a safe place. Just make sure it doesn’t get damaged. While storing the radio, remove the battery from the radio.

Beach Radio FAQ’s

beach radio faqs

What are the Different Types of Beach Radios?

There are different types like the caged roll ones, the small portable ones, or the most basic kind like the Panasonic.

What are the most trusted beach radio brands?

Sangean, Panasonic, and some of the others mentioned in the list are some of the most trusted brands when it comes to beach radios

Are all beach radios waterproof?

No. Most of them can resist water splashes. But very few are waterproof in the real sense to work even after getting dropped in water.

How long do the batteries last?

Top-quality radio batteries will last at least somewhere between 8-15 hrs or even more

How loud can beach radios get?

Beach radios can get quite loud in close quarters to create stereo quality sound.


Your search for the best beach radio should come to an end by now. That’s because the list covered all types of radios for all kinds of budget. So, you don’t need to look into the market any further.

And even if you feel like looking into it, then the buying guide is there to guide you through.

No matter what, after this, you will get the right radio for you.

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