10 Best Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio in 2022 – Reviews

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The best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is one of the most sought after gear in the market.

People not only want to enjoy a speaker, but they want to also have the feel of the old way of listening to tunes from stations too. And to get the mix of both the modern and old days, what better way than having a Bluetooth radio speaker.

If you’re one of those people, then you’re in luck.

I’ve got some top-rated FM stereo Bluetooth speakers​ for here to display. Just take a look.

What are the Best Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio?

Bluetooth offers you a way of listening to music from any device on a quality sound output. With the technology available, you can now enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio simultaneously and below, we summarize the ten best radios that allow you to do both.

Best Overall: Avantree SP850 Radio with Bluetooth Speaker
This device allows you to listen to your favourite radio station, connect to Bluetooth as well as insert an SD card.

Best Loudest: Xeneo X21 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with radio
It has powerful speakers that produce rich bass sounds great for outdoor listening.

Most Classy: Soundance FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
It has a classy look with a digital LED screen clock at the top.

Best For Outdoor: Sbode Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Speaker
It has a strong mesh-like material around it that makes it an all-weather radio.

Most Portable: Antimicrobial Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
It is small in size and can be carried in the pocket, making it very portable.

Best Vintage Design: TENMIYA 30W Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio
It is stylish looking with a mix of colourful RGB speakers and an old school radio look.

Best Battery Life: AUDIIO Portable Speaker with FM Radio
It has a 1500mAH battery that fully charges in 3 hours to give a 12 hour non-stop listening.

Best Multi-purpose: TREBLAB FX100-Extreme Bluetooth Speakers
It comes with a 7200mAH power pack that can act as a power bank for your other devices.

Best Long-ranged: TENMIYA Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio
This radio has an impressive 66ft Bluetooth connectivity range.

Great Radio Reception: SUNhai Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radios
It has everything you might need from a speaker, a great Hi-Fi sound system with great radio reception and Bluetooth connectivity for crisp sounds.

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Reviews

Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

For the Bluetooth FM radio speaker, no need to look further. I’ve got them listed right below for you to go through and find your ultimate music system for home and outdoors.

1. Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

For a quality wireless speaker with FM radio, look into the Avantree. It is a 3-in-1 radio. You get an FM radio with it. Besides that, SP850 can connect to any Bluetooth device to play from there. Or insert an SD card into the slot and play music directly from that.

Even it supports AUX inline cable to connect devices to play music on the radio.

Playing music on the radio is far superior to other devices because of the fact it got various equalizer modes. From rock, pop, classical, jazz to some soft tunes or more, you get a variety of sound quality playing on the wireless or SD card mode.

While playing using Bluetooth, it offers a good enough range of 10 meters. Therefore, you don’t have to sit right beside it to play the tunes. With a universal lithium-ion battery to power the unit, the thing can play 6-hours non-stop.

But for me, the fact that you can auto-scan the FM channels and save stations in an ordered manner makes using it much more enjoyable. Even with the buttons, you can enter your favorite stations directly on the Avantree and save them for the future to hear.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-in-1 radio: FM, Bluetooth and SD card
  • Offers auto and manual search
  • Can save channels
  • Provides improved signal with USB cable use as antenna
  • Offers great sound with six equalizer modes
  • Has a ultra-portable design
  • Weighs only 158 grams
  • Supports Aux-in cable

2. Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portable radios often lack sound quality. To change that perception of yours comes the Xeneo.

With its digital signal processor and the 15W power drivers, the bass it pumps out is quite rich. The mids and highs produced by the stereo will get you moving.

Now, the cylinder shape Bluetooth radio already creates an all-around presence. But if you want to get the real stereo feel, dual wireless pairing between two of the X21 will give you just that.

The Bluetooth connectivity gives you a 100 feet range that’s just awesome. If you don’t want to play using Bluetooth, you always got the option of using the micro-SD slot or the AUX jack.

In comparison to other wireless radios, this one is perfect for the outdoors. The rugged aluminum housing with rubber bumpers saves it from falls. While it got an IP6x rating that makes it perfect to withstand water splashes, clouds of dust, and shocks no matter where you’re planning to use it.

Plus, with a 2400mAh lithium-ion battery in the unit, 10 hours of play time gives you a long time to enjoy it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rich bass with stunning stereo audio
  • Cylinder shaped housing offers complete sound projection
  • Has a built-in FM radio
  • Supports Micro-SD card slot
  • Bluetooth 4.2 offers a 100 feet range
  • Pairs up with another x21 to create left and right stereo channel
  • Uses a 2400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Plays for 10 hours with a full charge

3. Soundance FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

The Bluetooth bar speaker from Soundance is one of the classiest looking FM stereo Bluetooth speakers.

Like all others, it got an FM radio. Using the radio, you can look for stations within 87.5-108MHZ and save the channels from there using the auto search and save feature. But to get better audio quality, you can tune it manually for clearer sound.

In closed environments, the USB cable or AUX cable on this radio even can be used as an antenna to enhance the signal. So, you will always get better quality sound performance with it no matter the location.

A big part of the quality sound is based on the speakers. The unit got 40mm speakers with enhanced bass to deliver deep bass with crystal clear sound.

When you’re not in the mood to listen to the radio, you can even use the radio to play using Bluetooth. Even it got Micro SD and TF cards as well as a 3.5mm audio line support.

But what is truly inspiring is the fact, it got a LED screen clock on the radio. You can even set an alarm to wake up listening to your favorite station.

Even you can take calls 35 feet away from the phone using its built-in microphone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Support FM stations
  • Store and delete stations
  • Has a digital display with clock
  • Alarm ring using FM station broadcasting
  • Got 40mm speakers with enhanced bass
  • Has Bluetooth 3.0 with 35 feet range
  • Supports USB/TF/MicroSD

4. Sbode Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Sbdoe got some premium quality outdoor Bluetooth speakers with FM radio. It is one of them.

Surprisingly, this small cylinder speaker creates a 360° surround sound that is impeccable. It reduces noise/wind to provide crystal clear acoustic sound.  All credit goes to Sbode’s cavity structure on each end which ensures that.

Coming to the Bluetooth functionality. The device uses Bluetooth 4.2. With this one, you can get a 100 feet range. Using the TWS master, you can pair two Sbode and use them as left and right channels to have a home stereo in seconds.

Even the build quality of the radio is to die for. Here, you get a mesh-like material surrounding it that gives it a solid feel. It can withstand snow, rain, dust quite easily. You can even clean it with water. But don’t submerge in it.

Besides, features like hands-free calling, micro-SD card support, and all those things are available. The extra bit you get is the automatic power-off that turns off the device after 10 minutes of standby.

Not to forget, with just 3 hours of charge, you can play it for 15 hours in 30% of volume. No surprise, campers love it so much.​

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers superior Bass Sound
  • Sync two Sbode to have true wireless stereo
  • Has a compact and lightweight design
  • Bluetooth 4.2 offers 100 feet range
  • The bluetooth speaker with fm tuner​ is waterproof
  • Built-In Mic for taking calls
  • Offers 15 hours of playing time

5. Antimi Bluetooth/FM Radio/MP3 Player Portable Wireless Speaker

The Bluetooth portable speaker with radio​ from Antimi is one of the easiest to use radio today.

It got a fairly simple control panel on top of the device. The interface got a couple of buttons with a digital display to make it easier to use.

With an all-metal build with a sleek design and compact size, it already makes for a great outdoor speaker. It got sound coming from both sides to create a 360° effect.

The Bluetooth speaker got FM radio support. You can auto-tune it. Or just press the keypads to listen to your choice of channels without any scanning. On top of this, you get Bluetooth, SD card, and AUX-line support with the gear. With one press of the button, you can change between the modes to use them.

Same goes for Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your devices with the speaker with one press of the button. What’s cool is that once connected to your phone, you will get the charge indicator of the speaker on the device.

With a full charge, the radio can play 12 hours non-stop with full stereo.

Highlighted Features:

  • Crystal clear 360° surround sound
  • Two 3-watt speakers on both side
  • Offers up to 12 hours of playtime
  • Has a rechargeable lithium-ion 2200 mAh battery
  • Offers a solid and sleek metal body
  • 3 different play mode: FM, Bluetooth, SD card
  • Built-in signal amplifier for better FM reception

6. TENMIYA 30W Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

For cool-looking FM stereo Bluetooth speakers​, you’ve got to have the Tenmiya.

The portable boombox style radio got the mix of old school radio with the colorful RGB stereos.

In this small speaker, you’ve got three powerful 30W speakers that give you chills with the loud stereo. The passive subwoofer with the cavity structure offers premium quality acoustic that is hard to come by.

From using it as an FM radio to connect it to play from your PC, mobile, or any other source, you can do it all with it.

This 14-inch radio speaker got a nice display with a front panel that got buttons labeled saying exactly what each of them does.

You can record, change mode, adjust volumes, skip songs, change sound effects, and do much more. And you can do all that even from a distance as it comes with a remote to control it.

Now, coming to the Bluetooth experience, the 4.2 gives you continuous play from a long-range. With the 4000 mAh li-ion battery within the unit,  you can play for long hours at full stereo.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerfull, premium acoustic sound with subwoofer
  • Has Bluetooth 4.2 support
  • Got a 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Offers 10 hours of playing time
  • Has sound equalizer
  • Party speaker got colorful lights
  • Provides automatic FM station search
  • Can save favorite stations for quick access

7. AUDIIOO Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

AUDIIOO Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

For an easy to carry around stereo system, lean towards the AUDIIOO.

Where everyone is working with Bluetooth 4.2, this one adopts the latest 5.0 technology. That’s why it offers quicker pairing with crystal clear sound. The signal it receives is much stable.

If you’ve got two of them, using the TWS function, you can sync the AUDIIOO speakers to have a stereo system anywhere.

You can’t question the audio quality it offers. It got sound coming from both sides that create a 3D sound. To make it even more enjoyable, the DSP noise cancellation system cuts down the static. As a result, you get crisper trebles that hit your ear to give sensations that only premium quality sound systems can produce.

But the radio speaker stands out for its IPX7 waterproof rating. Even if you drop it in water, it won’t get wrecked. Plus, the TPU silicone around it ensures it survives the falls and shocks.

Besides using it as a Bluetooth speaker, you can even use it as a radio. It supports FM tuning. Even you can play songs from an SD card as it got a slot for that too.

For many, the quick charging of this radio speaker is its top feature. Within 3 hours it charges the 1500mAh lithium battery to play for 12 hours non-stop.

That’s impressive indeed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers Bluetooth 5.0 and EDR
  • Supports pairing up between two speakers using TWS
  • Speakers use DSP noise cancelling to offer crystal clear sound with deep bass
  • Has IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Got a durable TPU silicone cover around the radio
  • Has a simple control panel
  • Supports FM radio
  • Has slot for TF/SD card
  • Provides fast charging and long play time

8. TREBLAB FX100 – Extreme Bluetooth Speaker

TREBLAB FX100 - Extreme Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re a hiker or a camper, the Treblab’s rugged FX100 is for you.

This tough as nails radio got certification for shock, dust, and water. So, no matter the elements, it is up for it. And the rugged exterior of it is perfect to handle the accidental drops.

That’s enough about the build of the radio.

Talk about the main thing, the stereo. You will not find the thumping bass with the combo of crystal clear sound like the FX100 360° speaker.

Even at full blast, it eliminates all the distortion and does not miss a beat. But don’t just get stuck with the sound quality; it has more to offer.

This small and compact radio even works as a 7200 mAh power bank. It saves you from dead batteries. And when used as a speaker, it can play for 35 hours without a break.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, you can pair it up with other devices to play from them. Plus, it got a built-in mic for you to take calls without ever getting the phone in hand.

You can even sync two of them and create a stereo system anywhere you wish to. It is easy to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a rugged design
  • Treblab supports pairing with another speaker
  • Has a 10w speaker output
  • Has a built-in 7200mAh power bank
  • Got built-in mic for hands-free call
  • Offers 35 hours playtime
  • Built-in FM radio support

9. TENMIYA Home Desktop Portable Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio

TENMIYA Home Desktop Portable Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio

For the wooden box design, the Tenmiya stands out from most. It got a nice look that goes with your interior. With colors like Beech and Black to choose from, you can find the right gear to complement your home.

Looks aside, the radio makes its mark with many cool features. The intelligent remote is one of the few. Without hovering over the radio, you can control it from a distance.

Even with a Bluetooth link on your phone, you get a great range: 66ft to be precise. You can play music from your phone or other Bluetooth devices. Besides that, there is support for FM radio, SD card slot, and U-disk plays using the Tenmiya.

The 10W stereo on the radio is one of the best in business. With Bluetooth 5.0, it gets a clear signal. So, no matter how far you’re, you will get high crisp sound, accurate mids, and quality deep bass to enjoy.

For the FM radio lovers, there is an automatic search and save for stations in your area. Not only that, you can use the remote to enter station frequency using the keypad to find your favorite station real fast. And a feature that is unique to the radio is its memory track number. Even after shutting down the radio, it will get back to the last track number when you again turn it on.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission
  • Offers wireless distance up to 10 meters
  • Has a nice Digital Display
  • Provides an intelligent remote control
  • Easy FM auto channel scan with station saving
  • Has remote manual adjustment
  • Provides automatic memory track number after shutdown
  • Got 3 loudspeakers

10. SUNhai Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless FM Radios

SUNhai Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless FM Radios

Last on the Fm stereo Bluetooth speakers​ list is the Sunhai radio.

Everything you expect from a quality radio speaker, it got. From a Hi-Fi sound system that gives crisp sound for listeners to groove to—no distortion whatsoever.

And the wireless connectivity of it is out of the world. Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0, you get a quick connection with fast transmission speed over mediums that is stable. No more sound loss while playing over Bluetooth.

The speaker comes with a nice LED display on top with a couple of buttons. You can change between modes, enter the station directly, or just record the music. All that and much more can be accomplished using this small stylish portable radio.

And when it comes to playtime, the built-in lithium battery gives you over 7 hours of uninterrupted fun time. What more do you need?

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Has record function
  • Got a small, lightweight design
  • HD sound provides reach sound like small theater
  • Provides Aux-C connectivity
  • Has a nice display with charge indicator and more
  • Got easy functional buttons on top


Why Do We Need Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio?

There are many reasons to have a Bluetooth portable speaker with a radio. Here are some of them:

  • No need to have trouble with wires. You can connect using the speaker using Bluetooth and play over the phone’s playlist on the radio speaker.
  • The Bluetooth speaker with FM radio usually has a small size. It gives you more portability than regular speakers.
  • One of the benefits of having such a radio is that they are full of features. You can play music using the FM, Bluetooth, SD card, AUX-in, and many other ways using them. That aside, features like a built-in mic let you take calls without the phone.
  • You can use FM radio to play music when there is no other way. Or you can listen to favorite shows on air with them too.

Bluetooth Speaker FM Radio Buying Guide: Features to Consider

FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

For the good Bluetooth portable speakers with FM radio​ to buy, you’ve got to first know what makes one the best.

In this buying guide, I will show you exactly that.

Sound Quality:

Speakers are for listening. If the sound quality isn’t great, then what good it is for. So, when getting the speaker radio, make sure it got a deep base, crystal clear sound, and tremble to make you groove. Obviously with zero distortion.


There are many Bluetooth speakers in the market. But while making the purchase, you should opt for options that adopt the latest Bluetooth technologies like the 4.2 or the upgraded 5.0. Not only the connection will be much more stable, but the sound quality will also be impeccable.

Built-in Mic:

If you’re getting a Bluetooth speaker radio, why not get one with a built-in mic. That way, you can even take calls without the phone on you.


For the FM functionality, the basic that you need to cover is an auto-scan feature. Alongside that, having the luxury to save the stations found on the area for quick access should be on your checklist. If you have a keypad on the radio or a remote with that, entering frequencies to get to the right station is also a feature that you should eye for without any doubt.


What good is the radio if it doesn’t allow you to play for long? That’s why I get a device with a good capacity battery. You can play for longer periods using them. Also, make sure the battery charges quickly. That way, you can get the radio up and running for use in no time.

Play Source:

For other play sources, you should have an SD card slot or AUX-in cable support with your device. That way even if you don’t get the reception on the FM or the Bluetooth doesn’t connect, you have a way to play.

Cool Features:

Some cool features you should always try to get if possible. Like an auto-shutdown feature which will come in handy to save battery. A clock radio is always a handy gear as it will wake you up in the morning with your favorite tune playing in the background. Or get a radio that works even as a power bank. That way in case of an emergency, you can use it to charge your other devices.

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FM Radio Bluetooth Speaker faqs

Which is the top quality Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio?

All of the gears are great, but if you want a name in particular, then go with the TREBLAB FX100 – Extreme Bluetooth Speaker.

How to get an FM radio on Bluetooth speaker?

If your speaker supports radio, then all you need to change the mode and tune it to get the stations.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker?

It isn’t that hard. Most radio speakers have a simple button that you press to sync with other devices.

Are the Bluetooth speaker waterproof?

Not all are. But some can even withstand a drop in water and still work fine.


Ok, you’ve found the best Bluetooth speaker with FM radio from the list by now. If you’re still hesitant, then don’t overthink. Just go with one and start having fun. They are all great.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve got.

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