9 Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

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There are many reasons to buy the best CB antenna for pickup truck. You may be lost signal on the road or signal gets weak. Sometimes you need to boost your signal range.

A good trucker cb antenna will help you definitely. Among lots of available ones, getting the right one seems a bit challenging.

What are the Best CB Antennas for Pickup Truck?

It is common to experience weak signals when you hit the road, especially in remote areas. Your best bet to solve this could be a CB antenna. It’s hard to get the right one. In this part, we compare some of the best CN antennas on Amazon.

Best Long-range: Tram 3700- Long Range CB Antenna
It’s powerful with a long frequency zone, static dissipation tip, noise reduction technique, and it can withstand rain, wind, and thunder.

Most Effortless: Stryker SR- 2K CB Antenna
It comes in two different sizes and has a 3600 watts power capacity, making it perform efficiently.

Best Mirror Mount: Stryker SRA10 10 Meter CB Antenna
It is made of solid copper wire plated with silver and a double cover made of strong plastic to withstand wear.

Best Magnet Mount: TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit
This antenna stands on a strong magnetic mount that makes it hold tightly onto the track even at extremely high speed.

Most Reliable: K40 K-30 CB Antenna
This 35- inch antenna which handles 300 watts of power, is very reliable as it is easy to fix and has a fantastic performance.

Most Flexible: Firestik FS-3BK Fiberglass CB Antenna
You can use this antenna in a single configuration or fine-tune it to a dual configuration for utmost benefit.

Best Lightweight: Firestik 4ft Black Firefly Lightweight CB Antenna
With this antenna, you can communicate with three other trucks simultaneously in a clear and profound voice without trouble.

For Wide Bandwidth: K40 K40BCMAX 10 Meter CB Antenna
It has an open helical coil that gives you a bandwidth of between 26- 30MHz and a cooling function.

Support Any Pickup: Browning BR-28 Steel Whip CB Antenna
It is rated at 10,000 watts and is highly flexible, making it suitable for any pickup truck.

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck – Reviews

1. Tram 3700 – Long Range CB Antenna For Pickup Truck

Tram 3700 - Long Range CB Antenna For Pickup Truck

Are you looking for a powerful, yet heavy-duty antenna? Look no further as the Tram 3700 is awesome! Our first pick has it all.

The antenna is about 61-inches in height with a 6-inches stainless steel shaft. This provides with a 26 – 30MHz frequency range along with a 3700 watts power handling.

The Tram 3700 features a thermoplastic round coil holder that of heavy-duty quality. This reduces any extra noise that may interfere while communicating, which makes it an excellent device for busy and congested highways.

This quality workmanship comes with a static dissipation tip. The function of this is to aid the device dissipates static out, quieting the receiver and deducing the chance of a lightning strike.

Although most pickup CB antennas are tunable, the Tram 3700 is no exception. It makes the readings as close as possible through a possible broadcast signal. Adjust it to the correct length, and you are good to go.

This sleek, black antenna is able to survive winds, rain, sun and even thunder under any circumstances. Attach it to the centre of your roof, and you are good to go.

Highlighted Features:

  • Error-free transmission
  • 3700 watts
  • Power handling
  • 6-inch lower stainless steel shaft


2. Stryker SR-2K – Center Load Trucker CB Antenna

 Stryker SR-2K - Center Load Trucker CB Antenna

Next, we have the Stryker SR-2K center load CB antenna for pickup. This is the most effortless antenna that you will ever come across.

It comes with two different lengths of shafts. One of which is 5-inches and the other is 10-inches along with an Allen wrench. However, it does not come with a mirror mound. You can purchase a coax cable if you don’t own one.

If you are someone who thinks that tuning the antenna is a pain, you can buy the Stryker SR-2K pickup truck CB antenna without any doubt. This is the most user-friendliest antenna that we have come across.

This antenna comes with low loss coil and high noise reduction. Altogether, this antenna is rated to have 3600 watts power handling capability. Amazingly enough, it can be used comfortably on a 26 – 30MHz frequency range.

Overall, this antenna has excellent performance, efficiency and quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • High talking power
  • Two different sized shafts
  • Affordable

3. Stryker SRA10 – Mirror Mount 10 Meter CB Antenna

Stryker SRA10 - Mirror Mount 10 Meter CB Antenna

If you are asking yourself as to what makes this CB antenna better than your current one, we’d say that it’s the coil and its performance together, which makes it the most durable antenna of all time.

Speaking of the coil, it’s wound with 6-gauge solid copper wire that’s utterly pure silver plated. There’s no doubt on how efficient and high-quality the Q coil is. Moreover, it has a 10,000 watts power handling capability.

Plus, the double wall coil cover constructed from high-impact Mobay plastic is a huge plus point. The 10-inch stainless steel shaft is long enough to reach for a signal.

Tuning the device is pretty straightforward. The radio system is nothing complicated. You can tune it for a 26 – 30MHz that’s likely to reduce static interference.

The design of it is derived from US Air Force Thunderbolt A-10 Warthog attack plane.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long haul
  • Highly durable
  • 10-inches stainless-steel shaft
  • 10,000 watts power handling

4. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

Another top-notch cb antenna for pickup from TRAM, the legendary brand of the antenna.

First of all, it covers all CB frequencies of all ranges. Therefore, it’s a great device that fits most of your needs.

It comes with a 3.5-inches magnet mount that provides reliable performance and is comparatively easier to tune. The stainless-steel cb whip antenna is made from the best of its materials. The purpose of which is to keep you connected throughout the road trip. The magnet is reasonably stronger than other brands.

The TRAM 703-HC is about 2 feet tall. Considering all, this is actually more than enough for you to maneuver around with this antenna.

For your convenience, this pickup truck CB antenna comes with a 17-feet RG58 cable. The cabling length is adequate. What this coaxial cable does is provide a low-power signal for better radio frequency connection.

Overall, this seems to be a high-performance antenna that works and holds tightly even with extreme speed levels, which makes it very good CB antenna for semi-truck.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works perfectly even when speed level breaks
  • Covers all CB frequencies
  • Comes with a 3.5-inches magnet mount
  • 2 feet tall

5. K40 K-30 CB Antenna

K40 K-30 CB Antenna

This is one of the top quality CB antenna for pickup truck along with others. that pulls off correctly and is built to last you through the years. This antenna does not need much tinkering, and thus you can spend more time on the road.

It can handle about 300 watts of power. The 35-inch antenna whip is made out of rugged stainless steel. On top of that, it also has an improved 15-feet shielded CB coax cable for ultimate performance.

The K40 antenna becomes a reliable standby from the moment you mount it on top of your vehicle. All credit goes to its easy setup and fantastic performance. It’s about 3-feet tall.

The 10-ounce magnet that the antenna has, it holds the device securely on top of any metallic surface. This CB antenna for pickup truck is the perfect combination of performance and convenient size.

The K40 is one of the top choices for most others who own a tailgate mount Jeep JK and are considering buying a CB antenna.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300 watts of power
  • 3-feet tall
  • Stainless-steel whip antenna
  • Strong magnet

6. Firestik FS-3BK Fiberglass CB Antenna For Truck

Firestik FS-3BK Fiberglass CB Antenna For Truck

If you are looking for fiberglass CB antenna, then this might come off as your interest. This antenna has the perfect balance between ruggedness and flexibility. Why? That’s because it has a custom blended, glass fiber strengthened the shaft.

You will be surprised at how each is wound with heavy insulated copper wire that prevents the oxidation and shorted windings found on a non-Firestik antenna.

Its tunable tip mechanism is constructed from anti-rust brass with a rubber o-ring that holds the adjuster in one place after you have tuned it accordingly.

The 3/8-inches 24 threaded base contains a tapered contact point, which works relatively well with Firestik accessories and mounts.

The FS-3BK is covered with a water-tight sleeve and static reducing technology that consists of pigment stabilisers. For optimal performance, we would recommend you to use one of those 18-foot fire-flex coaxial cables that are most compatible with these antennas.

The narrow “lug-nut” effect transfers the stress away from its threads and decreases its chances of vibration induced loosening of the antenna in its mount.

The FS-3BK is a quick first tunable pickup CB antenna that sometimes needs to be adjusted for best performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be used in both dual and single configurations
  • Needs fine tuning
  • Rated at 650 watts
  • Hi-performance loading coil

7. FireStik 4ft Black Firefly Lightweight Truckers CB Antenna

FireStik 4ft Black Firefly Lightweight Truckers CB Antenna

This FireStik CB antenna provides with the best reception regardless of where you host it from. It can communicate with 4 trucks simultaneously without any issues, and it is going to be very clear and profound.

This 4-feet antenna poses to be one of the highest heavy-duty antennas for industrial and larger trucks. What’s most impressive about this antenna is that it’s super easy to install. You can tune it yourself effortlessly with bare hands.

Moving on, it is loaded with NOAA emergency weather alert. This means that the CB antenna connects to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to notify you regarding hazardous weather ahead in the road.

This FireStik Black Firefly is rated at 200 watts and proves to be pretty powerful. No matter how bad of a wreck you may have, the antenna will still stay active and wave high.

In tune with that, you need to make sure to get the other peripheral items along with the this Black Firefly. Arguably, an RG58 coaxial cable along with PI-259 connectors, an antenna spring and mirror mounts would extend the lifetime of your CB antenna.

You will need some way to mount it up. Usually, most people drill a hole on the front bumper and install it there as per their convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 feet long
  • Rated at 200 watts
  • Powerful
  • Heavy-duty

8. K40 K40BCMAX 10 Meter CB Antenna

K40 K40BCMAX 10 Meter CB Antenna

This is one of the top-rated 10 meter CB antennas that pulls off perfectly and is built to last you through the years. This antenna does not need much tinkering, and thus you can spend more time on the road.

It can handle about 300 watts of power. The 35-inch antenna whip is made out of rugged stainless steel. On top of that, it also has an improved 15-feet shielded CB coax cable for ultimate performance.

The K40 antenna becomes a reliable standby from the moment you mount it on top of your vehicle. All credit goes to its easy setup and fantastic performance. It’s about 3-feet tall.

The 10-ounce magnet that the pickup truck CB antenna has, it holds the device securely on top of any metallic surface. Its open helical coil provides a wide bandwidth of 26 – 30MHz and active cooling system.

Receiving about 5-stars from more than 60% of their consumers, the K40 is one of the top choices for most others who own a tailgate mount Jeep JK and are considering buying a CB antenna.

Highlighted Features:

  • 300 watts of power
  • 3-feet tall
  • Stainless-steel whip antenna
  • Strong magnet

9. Browning BR-28 Steel Whip CB Antenna

Browning BR-28 Steel Whip CB Antenna

The last we have today in our list for best CB antenna for pickup truck is the Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna. This antenna is rated at 10,000 watts. Therefore, this is really ruggedised for an antenna.

Made with a treated steel whip and a hardened steel shaft, this Browning BR-28 High-Performance antenna incorporates a standard string CB mount to consider simple mounting.

This whip CB reception apparatus gives you a recurrence reaction of somewhere in the range of 25MHz and 30MHz. This Browning receiving wire additionally includes a triple chromed copper loop.

It’s 63-inches high and comes with a stainless-steel whip, stainless-steel shaft as well as a triple chrome-plated copper coil for the best performance.

Note that it is flexible to adjust for the spring length in the event that you include the spring. The long bar slides all through the first body and is held set up by two rock-solid set-screws. You have to alter the length for the base SWR and be cautious about transmitting with more than an SWR of about 2.5. I set 2.0 as the maximum to be protected and not blow the transmitter, which is ideally, 1.1 is feasible.

It’s not an unchangeable reality. In any case, I do suggest this outstandingly well-made reception apparatus from Oklahoma. I have always made the majority of my own, so embracing an instant one is a first for me.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rated at 10,000 watts
  • 6-inches stainless-steel shaft
  • 49-inches stainless-steel whip
  • Triple chrome plated copper coil


Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck – Buying Guide

Best CB Antenna for Pickup Truck

There are some important factors you should consider when you want to purchase the cb antenna for your pickup.

Why a Truck driver needs a CB Antenna?

First of all, it is to avoid signal blocking. Suitable cb radio antennas for pickup trucks provide a consistent and steady transmission, regardless of whether you are in a camper or a larger trailer. A powerful antenna is most importantly beneficial when you mount it on top of an 18-wheeler. In some cases, a dual antenna installation is a much better choice. Anyway, whether it’s a double or a single set up, a CB antenna guarantees that you are not going to have experience of lesser dead spots. A well-constructed antenna is going to help you see and pick up more signals.

why driver need cb antenna
Image: https://www.rightchannelradios.com/

Next, it is to enhance the range. A pickup track CB antenna can boost receive a receive and transmit arrays. Such devices convey a circular and even a signal. They are able to receive and send signals in every direction. Other antennas come in an oval shape, which is even better because of its signal pattern. You can configure your antenna accordingly and stretch its range. The farther its range, the easier it would be for you to be able to communicate with another truck driver.



Tram 3700 CB Antenna

49.00 x 5.00 x 2.00 inches

Stryker SR-2K Pickup Antenna

51.00 x 3.00 x 4.00 inches

K40 Model K-30

37.00 x 4.30 x 5.90 inches


10.80 x 4.50 x 2.00 inches

TRAM 703-HC Antenna

15.5 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches

Types of CB Antenna for Pickup

There are a number of different types of pickup truck CB antennas that truckers could buy. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it all depends on what you need. Here’s a breakdown:

Fibreglass Pickup CB Antennas

fiberglass pickup cb antenna
Image: https://www.rightchannelradios.com/

These antennas are constructed using a fibreglass rod that is extremely durable and thus perfect for off-roading. The range that you get will mostly depend on where you would like to mount it and the type of condition you are dealing with. The Average range of a Fiberglass Antenna is two to seven miles.

Magnet Mount Pickup CB Antennas

You can attach this antenna to your vehicle using its magnetic base. The installation of this antenna is a breeze. The only downside of this antenna is that you need to mount it at a higher place, which causes trouble while driving. The Average range of a Magnet Mount Antenna is three to seven miles.



Tram 3700 CB Antenna

Center Loaded

Stryker SR-2K Pickup Antenna

Center Loaded

K40 Model K-30

Magnet Mount

4ft Black Firefly


TRAM 703-HC Antenna

Center Loaded

102-inches Whip CB Antennas

If you are looking forward to a high range CB antenna, a whip antenna is all you need. This is one of the most potent antennas that you will ever come across. They are very long, which some may say are a little inconvenient for them. The Average range of a 102-inches Whip Antenna is about ten miles, and for some, even more.

Center Loaded Trucker Antennas

centerload antenna
Image: https://www.rightchannelradios.com/

The load or coil of these antennas remain in the centre. These are more formally known as trucker antennas, and truckers actually love them. The most significant advantage of having one of these is that it provides excellent service. It’s almost nearly like the 102″ whip antenna, except for no bulk. On average, it’s an excellent choice for highway usage. The Average range of a Center Loaded Trucker Antenna is up to ten miles.



Tram 3700 CB Antenna

1.05 Pounds

Stryker SR-2K Pickup Antenna

1.5 Pounds

K40 Model K-30

1.9 Pounds


1.08 Pounds

TRAM 703-HC Antenna

1.55 pounds

How to Install CB Radio Antenna on Truck

Here’s a pretty general guide on how you can possibly install a CB Radio Antenna on a Truck.

Choose a Location

You need to decide this before you make your purchase. Where do you want to install the antenna? For instance, a base loaded antenna or a magnet mount works fine if you plan on installing the antenna on your bumper. Here are some additional tips on how you can set your antenna right:

  • The best location for a pickup CB antenna is the centre of the roof, where it has gotten the best ground plane coverage.
  • If you install your antenna on the bumper, fender or other places around the edge of your vehicle, you will not be getting good signal. Suppose if you install it on the front, driver’s side fender will have weaker signals out to its front left vehicle.
  • You need a coil for a truck CB antenna higher than the roof line of your vehicle.
  • Make sure that your antenna is tall and is not smacking overpasses or any other obstacles.

Install the Antenna Mount

This could either be a very complicated process or a straightforward one. A magnetic mount needs to be set on the roof, whereas a door jamb mount needs measuring, drilling and a lot of adjustments to get the truckers CB antenna at the perfect vertical place. Follow the instructions for setting up your mount as much as you can, if it comes with any.

Ensure that you have the necessary components in order for you to be able to attach your antenna mount to the coax. Many mounts come with a stud, which needs the ring terminal connector on the coax, while others require a PL259 connector on the coax.


Power Handling

Tram 3700 CB Antenna

3,700 W

Stryker SR-2K Pickup Antenna

3600 W

K40 Model K-30

300 W

4ft Black Firefly

200 W

Browning BR-28

10,000 W

Route the Coax Cable

Have you ever installed stereo speakers for your vehicle or mic for cb radio? If yes, then this step is going to be familiar for you. Now, you would not want to get the cable of your CB antenna to the CB radio with it being completely visible. Here’s when you need to play some tricks to run the wire through the vehicle. Let us summarise some tips from our experience:

  • Get a cable that has a removable PL259 if you can.
  • Figure out ways which will leave you with a lesser slack as possible.
  • Avoid alternators that will make more noise in the line. Look for expert advice and help if you experience sound.
  • Do not shorten the coax. Coax is planned at exact lengths for CB radio wires you will see that most persuade comes in augmentations of 3-feet. We usually suggest 18 feet of urge regardless of whether you don’t imagine that your application needs that much coax. Many are receiving wire producers to some degree pre-tune their reception apparatuses utilising 18 feet of coax.  For instance, on the off chance that you utilise 9 feet rather than 18 feet, you may need to roll out new improvements to your radio wire amid the reception apparatus tuning process.
  • Legitimately store any abundance persuade in figure 8, about a foot long, and bound in the inside it should resemble a long, thin 8. This is imperative! Try not to store your coax in a curl as this is essentially making another radio wire loop and will likely result in high SWR readings.

Tune the CB Antenna

Tuning the radio wire is a standout amongst the most essential pieces of the establishment procedure. It will streamline the reception apparatus framework and guarantee that you won’t harm your radio.

If it’s not too much trouble, then tune your CB reception apparatus among establishment and before transmitting with your radio. On the off chance that you transmit with your communication and perhaps have high SWR readings, this can result in harm to your communication!

Tune it each time you move the radio wire, include a spring or speedy disengage, adjust your vehicle with a large metal segment, hit your receiving fence on something, change your urge length, switch to an alternate mount, and the sky is the limit from there.

FAQs on Pickup CB antenna

pickup truck cb antenna faqs

What is more important, the CB Antenna or the radio?

CB radio has the greatest transmission power of 4 watts. It’s true regardless of its price. Therefore, the antenna plays a more significant role in determining the transmission power.

How do I know what kind of antenna I should buy?

There are a number of things to consider here. However, as a general rule, magnet and trunk antennas are the best ones for cars. With being the top-loaded antennas that are for trucks and whip antennas for semis.

Which antenna brand is the best?

That’s a good question. There’s no right or bad. It all depends on your needs. Refer to the list of CB Antennas that we have listed above.

Is the antenna compatible with X mount?

Pickup CB Antennas usually have a connecting thread that measures 3/8-inches by 24. This is pretty much compatible with almost all antenna mounts. What’s more important is to make sure that the mount is sturdy and durable enough for its antenna.

Why should I buy a Pickup truck CB antenna?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should certainly buy a CB antenna. Out of a million reasons here’s a list of some of them:

  • You can have an active and smoother functioning of the radio channels. The CB radios work with a bandwidth of nearly 27MHz that can get you access to at least forty channels.
  • These are helpful devices when it comes to increasing transceiver power and range.
  • It helps you to communicate even at a greater distance. No matter how emergency it might be, you will benefit from an antenna. You can contact anyone around an area with greater clarity of sound.

Can I buy a cheap pickup CB antenna?

You might just as well buy one, but you can’t expect to get the best out of it. We totally understand that you might not want to spend a lot of a CB antenna, but well, a cheaper one is not going to work that well. In fact, it might start showing signs of damage after a couple of months of usage.

Final Words:

Choosing best cb antenna for pickup truck is not easy. There are trade-offs with whichever one you want. But well, your aim should be to select a perfect antenna that fits your needs. There’s no perfect solution. It all depends on your use, the type of vehicle, its aesthetics and finally budget. On top of that, remember that being able to install it properly is the key.

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