Best Stubby Antenna Reviews in 2022 – Quality That You Can Depend On

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Do you want to set up the radio in your car to make it work perfectly? Are you tired of getting a bad signal all the time?

The reason for the poor performance of your radio is because you don’t have the best stubby antenna.

Why should you get a stubby antenna? The stubby antenna will not break because of the wind and other problems. It will work for a long time, and it will make the outside of your car look cool. Our stubby antenna review will help you to choose the best one.

Best Stubby Antenna – Quick Comparison

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna
  • 3.2 inches
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Black textured
  • Stainless hardware
Price on Amazon
  • Copper core
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 6-3/4 inches
  • Car wash proof
Price on Amazon
Tekk Short Antenna
Tekk Short Antenna
  • 4.8 Inches
  • Double copper core
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Premium Reception
Price on Amazon
VOTEX Short Antenna
VOTEX Short Antenna
  • 6 3/4 inch
  • USA stainless steel
  • Internal copper coil
  • Unmatched reception
Price on Amazon
Mega Racer short antenna
Mega Racer Short Antenna
  • Length: 4.9 inches
  • Diameter: 0.5 inches
  • Carbon fiber antenna
  • AM/FM Compatible
Price on Amazon
  • 4 inches long
  • Anti-theft design
  • Easy install
  • Carwash safe
Price on Amazon
Rydonair Antenna
Rydonair Antenna
  • 9 inches
  • Stylish looking
  • Easy install
  • Durable
Price on Amazon

What are the Best Stubby Antennas – Quick Summery

For the top-notch radio performance, you definitely need an excellent stubby antenna. It is the difference between poor and strong signals. Before you buy one, have a look at our top comparison to give you a better idea of what could work best for you.

Best Overall: CravenSpeed Short Antenna For F150
It is durable, very stable, and easy to install.

Best Short Truck Antenna: AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna
This antenna has a good appearance, works 100% similar to a radio, and functions pretty well as a factory antenna.

Best Long Lasting: CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna
It’s made of strong aluminum beam 6061, which is corrosion-free and coated with a textured finish that doesn’t fade or crack.

Best All-weather: AntennaMastsRus 6 3/4 INCH Short Antenna
Its base is made of hard rubber that can withstand car wash, strong winds, high speeds, and temperatures as high as 257° F.

Best Short- length: CORKSPORT Mazda Billet Aluminum 2.75″ Stub Antenna
It measures 2.75 inches for perfect signal strength, unlike some long floppy antennas.

Most Versatile: AntennaX Off-Road Shot Antenna
Its installation is a simple plug-n-play and can be the best substitute for an AM/FM radio antenna.

Best Signal Reception: Savadicar 13-inch Stubby Reflex Antenna
This antenna has basically everything you’d need in an antenna like the ease of use, best for AM/FM reception, stylish look, and durable material.

Most Secure Antenna: RONIN FACTORY Super Dusty Short Antenna
It comes with an intricate threaded locking design which makes it hard for anyone to steal it.

Most Flexible Length: Rukse Black Stubby Antenna for Jeep Wrangler
The standard antenna measures 15 inches with optional lengths of 3, 6, 9, and 12 inches to fit any car.

Most Stylish: CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby Antenna
The design looks like a bullet which will definitely make your car look more stylish.

Top 10 Stubby Antenna Reviews – My Picks

Stubby Antenna Reviews

1. CravenSpeed Short Antenna

CravenSpeed Short Antenna For F150

Our first best short antenna for F150 is the CravenSpeed. And if you are looking for a durable antenna that will give a good signal for many years, this is exactly what you need.

This antenna is durable because it is made of aluminum. First, it is very stylish looking. Secondly, the antenna will survive not only a car wash (10 times) but even strong wind and torrential rain. TheCravenSpeed antenna will last for many years.

In addition to working well for many years, this antenna is very stable. Corrosion, fading, and breakage are not dangerous for this antenna. The color of antenna will not change because it has a powder coating with a black textured finish.

The style of this antenna is very attractive and is easy to install.

Highlighted Features:

  • The U.S. made antenna is produced with very high quality.
  • It is suitable for any Ford F-150 from 2009 to 2019.
  • It can be set for the factory base.
  • The antenna is easy to install without additional tools.
  • This stubby body is made from aluminum with a powder coating and a black textured finish.
  • The body is protected against corrosion.

2. AntennaMastsRus Car Wash Proof Short Rubber Antenna

AntennaMastsRus Car Wash Proof Short Rubber Antenna

Number two on our list is The AntennaMastsRus short rubber antenna. There are many good antennas, but few of them are as good as this antenna.

This antenna has the following advantages: a) its cool appearance; b) it retains all the functions of the radio, and c) it also works as a factory antenna. This AntennaMastsRus antenna performs very well.

This might be because the Original short antenna was developed in Germany, and has American stainless steel threads.

The design includes a sturdy corrosion-proof steel case and a mast made of durable hard rubber.

It is flexible and does not allow the antenna to bend at high speeds or in the wind. This is all possible in a antenna that is six inches in length.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna thread is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The mast is made of durable flexible rubber that can withstand temperatures of 257 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Neither a car wash nor the wind from the highway will destroy this sturdy aerial made on Swiss lathes.
  • The antenna can be installed easily without additional tools.
  • The Original antenna is able to work in any weather conditions.
  • The antenna has a highly conductive copper coil.

3. CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna for Dodge RAM Trucks

This antenna is designed specifically for the Ram truck. There is no need to worry that this antenna could be torn off at a car wash or hit the garage ceiling.

The CravenSpeed antenna for Dodge RAM Trucks is very easy to install and will allow you to enjoy care-free operation for many years.

This high-quality stubby antenna is made in America and that is why it is so good.

This brand made an antenna out of durable aluminum beam 6061. It is protected from corrosion. It is also powder coated with a black textured finish. As a result, the paint never stratifies, does not fade and does not crack.

Highlighted Features:

  • The CravenSpeed is made specifically for any Dodge RAM truck (2009-2019 model years).
  • This antenna is designed so it is suitable for a factory base (such as RAM 1500, RAM 2500 or RAM 3500).
  • Installing this antenna does not require if any additional tools. It is done manually.
  • This best stubby antenna Ram 1500 is made in the U.S.
  • The body is made of aluminum coated with powder and black textured finish.
  • The antenna is protected from corrosion and fading.

4. AntennaMastsRus – The Original 6 3/4 INCH Antenna

AntennaMastsRus - The Original 6 3/4 INCH Antenna

The fourth choice is The Original AntennaMastsRus. This brand is known for the excellent performance of its products. These antennas are designed in Germany and manufactured in the U.S. The antenna only uses high-quality materials.

There is high internal conductivity, which allows you to adjust the optimal design.

The AntennaMastsRus is a special product that works like a factory antenna. You will not be able to notice the difference.

The antenna’s body is made of 304 stainless steel threads. The thread rests on the mast, which is made of durable hard rubber. It has enough flexibility to survive the car wash, high speeds and strong winds. The coupe antenna is six inches long, which is very compact.

This antenna is specifically designed for the Ram Truck. The vehicle and this antenna work very well together.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna has a rugged 304 stainless steel case.
  • It is made in the State of Wisconsin in the U.S.
  • The AntennaMastsRus has an internal high-capacity copper coil.
  • This antenna can be installed easily.
  • The base of the antenna is made of durable flexible rubber that can withstand temperatures of 257 degrees Fahrenheit and allows the antenna to flex freely.
  • The antenna is made on Swiss machines.

5. CORKSPORT Mazda Billet Aluminum 2.75″ Stub Antenna

CORKSPORT Mazda Billet

If your factory rubber antenna has fallen into disrepair or it hasn’t been replaced with a long antenna, CorkSport would be an excellent alternative for a long, floppy standard antenna.

Unlike the other antennas that have discussed, this antenna was developed for ordinary cars, such as the Mazda 2007+ and Mazda 2, 2007+ CX-7, 2011+ Mazda 2, Mazda 5 2006, Mazda 6 2003-2008 and some Mazda Speed models that were manufactured in 2006-2007.

This antenna is recommended because of its small size. If you are used to a long standard antenna, then you won’t notice a tiny 2.75-inch antenna. It was done specifically to ensure that the radio worked perfectly, and you did not receive problems due to the long antenna length.

The brand took into consideration both the length of the antenna as well as the quality of the material. For example, the body of the CorkSport antenna is made of aluminum. It will work for a long time and is suitable for any weather.

Highlighted Features:

  • The base of the antenna is an aluminum billet for durability.
  • It has an anodized black finish that is engraved with the CS logo on the body of the antenna.
  • The antenna length is 2.75 inches and is comparable to the original Mazda antenna.
  • The antenna requires a very simple installation.
  • OEM Mazda Base is attached with a screw.

6. AntennaX Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna

AntennaX Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna

Having an antenna that is 31 inches above the level of your car every day is not fun, especially if you like speed and wash your car in a car wash.

However, that is the exact length (31 inches) of a standard antenna. It can be replaced by something more convenient to use. The AntennaX Off-Road is a great alternative.

This antenna is only 13 inches long. Its body is made of flexible and durable rubber.

With this antenna on the car, you will not only get good reception but you can also forget your car scratching the garage door.

For the Chevy 1500 Silverado, you don’t need an adapter because the AntennaX Off-Road antenna was specifically created for this vehicle.

This antenna is very easy to install. This is a Plug-n-play antenna which you can screw to an existing mount in only one minute.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna fits 1985 to 2019Chevy 1500 Silverados.
  • It is made of flexible rubber with a low profile.
  • There is easy plug-n-play installation.
  • AntennaX Off-Road does not affect On-Star, Bluetooth, GPS navigation or the Sirius XM radio.
  • The antenna is only 13 inches in length.
  • It is suitable as an alternative to a standard AM / FM radio antenna.

7. Savadicar 13-inch Stubby Reflex Antenna

Savadicar 13-inch Stubby Reflex Antenna

The Savadicar antenna has everything you need in an antenna. It is designed for optimized FM/ AM reception, it looks stylish and is easy to install using the plug-n-play system.

This short antenna has a length of 13 inches which is suitable for any model of the Jeep Wrangler JK and JL Sahara Rubicon Unlimited 2D / 4D models from 2007 to 2018.

The antenna is short enough so that tree branches, narrow passages and other obstacles do not knock it down. The antenna is created so that nothing can damage it (non-special), even car wash brushes.

Savadicar antennas are made from high-quality materials, such as cast aluminum under pressure. The body is also textured with black powder coating.

This antenna will last a long time because it is protected from corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna mast and antenna assembly adapter are included.
  • The antenna fits all Jeep Wrangler JK & JL models.
  • The Savadicar antenna is made of satin black rubber aluminum with black powder coating.
  • It is easy to install without drilling and welding.
  • The antenna is designed for FM / AM bands.
  • The antenna is 13 inches long.

8. RONIN FACTORY Super Duty Short Antenna

RONIN FACTORY Super Duty Short Antenna

Do you need an antenna that decorates your Ford or Ram and replaces the terrible long stick of the “standard antenna”?

If you do not want the car to look like a child’s remote control car, you need a Ronin Factory antenna.

This antenna looks great on any vehicle. It will not fall into pipes or beams or stick to something on the road. This is not surprising, since the antenna is only four inches long.

Ronin Factory has made a great FM antenna. This antenna not only has a functional (trouble-free) design, it also works great. The antenna receives the signal well. I rarely have to use the adjustment knob (except when I am in a large city).

This best stubby antenna f150 also took care of ease of use – it is very easy to install. You can screw this antenna manually for a couple of minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna is four inches long.
  • It has a rigid threaded locking design and is impossible to steal.
  • The antenna can be installed easily with manual screwing.
  • It is specifically designed for FM.
  • This antenna is ideal for users of Bluetooth or additional audio inputs.

9. Rukse Black SS Stubby Antenna

Rukse Black SS Stubby Antenna

High-quality durable material is what distinguishes the Black SS antenna. The basis of this antenna is corrosion-proof steel, which has a black coating. The antenna is protected against corrosion from the outside. This is the best stubby antenna for jeep wrangler without any doubt.

Black SS made an antenna with a 6 mm internal thread. That is why this antenna is suitable for most cars. This antenna includes all of the necessary equipment with an adapter (which makes the antenna suitable for certain car models).

This antenna is 15 inches long. It is a good length which is easy to get used to.

In addition to the 15-inch antenna models, there are identical smaller antennas in 3, 6, 9 or 12 inch sizes.

Highlighted Features:

  • The antenna has a black coating on the high-grade steel.
  • The Black SS antenna is 15 inches in length.
  • It has a6 mm internal thread.
  • There are 3, 6, 9 and 12 inch length options.
  • Included with the antenna is an adapter for the Hummer H2 from 2004 to 2010, for 2002 – 2007 Jeep Liberty, 2007 – 2014 Jeep Wrangler JK.

10. CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby Antenna Replacement

CravenSpeed Bullet Style Stubby Antenna

Are you a Ford-150 owner who is concerned that there isn’t a stubby antenna available that will improve the vehicle’s appearance and improve the radio’s sound. To solve this problem, you need the CravenSpeed bullet stubby antenna.

The antenna design resembles a bullet. The CravenSpeed brand did this on purpose. The antenna-bullet is about five inches long and is made of aluminum 6061.

This antenna is stabilized and protected from possible fading and flaking. The bullet antenna design makes the car even more stylish. The antenna does not affect On-Star GPS or Sirius Radio. The antenna provides excellent reception, especially if you are not in rural areas.

The CravenSpeed antenna is very easy to install. It can be screwed in with your hands. You can set it up quickly and hit the road with a great radio signal.

Highlighted Features:

  • CravenSpeed antenna is intended for any Ford-150manufactured between 1997and 2019.
  • The antenna has a 5.0 caliber bullet style.
  • It is suitable for a factory base and works just as well.
  • The antenna is made in Portland, Oregon.
  • The antenna is completely metallic (aluminum) and anodized with a smooth black coating.
  • The antenna is protected from fading and corrosion.


Stubby Antenna Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

Stubby Antenna buying guide

Before you run to the store shouting “I want the top quality short antenna,” you need to decide which features the antenna should have.

Signal Quality

This is why you buy the antenna. A stubby antenna has the same reception as a long standard antenna.

Before buying a specific short car antenna, you should study the reviews to determine the strength of the signals. The signals must be strong to be able to receive the AM/ FM signals.

Frequency bands are important for the strength of the reception. You should pay attention to them before you buy.

ProductSignal Quality
CravenSpeed AntennaGreat
AntennaMastsRus AntennaGreat
CravenSpeed CRFF-0035-RAGood
AntennaMastsRus PremiumGood
CORKSPORT Stub AntennaModerate


All stubby antennas look similar. Why should you be concerned about the antenna’s design? An attractive antenna design will make your vehicle look more stylish.


Best Stubby Antenna

A good purchase of a product is one that lasts for many years. Durability is a very important factor, especially for an antenna that is installed on the exterior of the car.

All antennas can be divided into two main categories: those with an anodized coating and others with a powder coating (it is quite similar).

The anodized coating makes the antenna more durable. It will survive car washes, heavy rain and will work well. I would advise choosing these antennas.

CravenSpeed AntennaAluminum Coated
AntennaMastsRus AntennaStainless Steel
CravenSpeed CRFF-0035-RAAluminum Coated 
AntennaMastsRus PremiumStainless Steel
CORKSPORT Stub AntennaBillet Aluminum


The short car antenna’s length is also important. I would recommend buying an antenna that is up to six inches long. This is the optimal length.

CravenSpeed Antenna3.2 Inches
AntennaMastsRus Antenna6 3/4 Inches
CravenSpeed CRFF-0035-RA3.2 inches
AntennaMastsRus Premium6 3/4 Inches
CORKSPORT Stub Antenna2.75 Inches


When you choose an antenna, it is important to pay attention to the brand. Although a no-name company can make good products, it does not usually happen.

If the brand is well-known, you can find out about it characteristics before buying. Well-known companies have developed reputation for the quality of their products.


It is important to find out if the antenna is easy to install. You should not select an antenna that requires complex installation. The simpler the installation is, the better.

The installation of the antenna should take you no more than five minutes and not require the use of any special tools.

Some antenna models require the purchase of antenna mounts, as well as a set of screwdrivers.


Determine where you will install the antenna before you purchase it. You must be sure that you can get a good signal.


You should take your budget into consideration when you buy an antenna. It is true that this is not a major investment but it is worth paying a little extra to get a good antenna.

Stubby Antenna vs Regular Antenna

Stubby Antenna vs Regular Antenna

Many people ask: “Why should I choose a stubby antenna?”

Many people that the longer the antenna is, the better the signal. It is important to discuss this issue.

One type of antenna isn’t better than the other. It is just a different look.

The main difference between the stubby antenna and the standard antenna is that the stubby antenna reduces the range by 30%. The short antenna is durable, as it is less susceptible to the effects of the weather and roadway hazards.

Most cars have a standard antenna. However, this antenna is often inconvenient. Many long antennas can be damaged by car washes and gusty winds. Due to these issues, many people choose a stubby antenna.

It serves the same function as a long antenna but it is much more compact. However, it is much more durable and can withstand the hazards of car washes and high winds. There is also no need to adjust the antenna to get a good signal.

FAQ’s on Stubby Antenna

Stubby Antenna faqs
Is It Easy To Install A New Antenna?

The stubby antenna is easy to install. The only problem could be caused by the antenna cable that must be run through the car. If you follow the instructions, it does not take much effort to install a new antenna.

If you already have a standard antenna, you can unscrew it with your hands. The next step is to choose the location where you will install a new antenna. You should then screw the new short car antenna in that spot.

Where do You Install The Antenna?

It is difficult to find the right place to install the antenna. However, it is very important because the quality of the signal depends on it.

However, each antenna has a manual (with recommendations for installation) and it offers recommendations on the best locations to install the antenna. Each antenna has its own specific range and power.

How Do You Connect The Factory Radio to The New Antenna?

Many stereos have a standard connection type, which may be different than the connector on the new antenna. If that is the case, you need an adapter for your car.

Why Do I Get The Message “Antenna Not Detected” Or “Antenna Disconnected” From The Radio?

You may need to restart the radio. This can be done by turning off and then tuning on the radio. If the message “antenna not detected” appears again, then check the connection between the radio and the antenna. It should not be weakened.
If everything is OK and you are still getting the message, call a technician to look at the problem.

Is It Possible To Paint The Antenna?

Yes, you can paint the antenna. However, you must use paint without metal flakes.
You should do this so that you do not violate the properties of the signal transmission. It is better if you don’t paint the antenna.

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Wrapping Up

Stubby Antenna faqs

Buying a stubby antenna can be a good choice if you want to replace a long antenna. It will allow you to avoid many problems that are associated with a long antenna.

A short antenna has many advantages for your vehicle. First, it looks much stylish. Secondly, you get a high-quality signal from the radio with a quality antenna.

A good antenna is used for 10 years or more without needing to be replaced. and only then require a replacement. It is very durable and cannot be corroded by rain or proximity to the sea and ocean.

Read our best stubby antenna reviews, so you can choose to enjoy the benefits of a stubby antenna.

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