7 Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ship – Enjoy Your Cruise Trip in 2022

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While packing your suitcase for the cruise vacation, you should pack the best walkie talkies for cruise ship for the trip. Doesn’t matter whether you travel with your friends or family, you won’t have them by your side all the time.

There are so many things to do on the cruise. People will go their separate ways and have fun. How do you keep track of them? You can’t just call and ask them where they are. There is no cell signal on the sea.

The two way radios for cruise ships are the only way to keep track of them. But which one to get?

That’s what we’re about to find out here.

What are the Best Walkie Talkies for Cruise Ship?

A walkie-talkie in a cruise ship is a must-have device as there is no cell signal in the sea. Due to cruise ships’ size, you will need a reliable, waterproof, and long-range walkie-talkie to maintain communication with friends and family. Below we highlight 7 of the best available in the market summarized in various Categories.

Best Overall: Midland 50 Channel Walkie Talkies for Cruise

This walkie-talkie offers you everything from auto scanning, privacy communication coding to a 36-mile range coverage with no obstructions.

Best User Friendly: Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie for Cruise Ship
It has many smart features like eliminating background noise to pick only the speaker’s voice that makes it easy to use.

Best Children Friendly: COBRA ACXT545 Walkie Talkie for Cruise Ship
It has clearly labeled buttons that make it to use for kids and beginners.

Editor’s Choice: Motorola MH230R Talkabout Walkie Talkies
This walkie-talkie comes with a dual power system with long life and other features perfectly balanced to give you a well-rounded device.

Best Family Walkie Talkie: FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkie Two Radios
It comes in a pack of four compact and functional designs ensuring family members get one.

Best Lightweight Design: Arschell Rechargeable Long-Range Cruise Walkie Talkies
It is small in size and lightweight that makes it easy to carry and operate.

Best Battery Life: Retevis H -777 Cruise Walkie Talkie for Adults
It has a large battery, and with a lack of screen, you are assured of between 8-9 hours of talk time.

Best Walkie Talkies for Cruise Ship – Reviews


As you may already know, the market has tons of walkie talkies. To put it in perspective, if you search for the best cruise ship walkie talkie right now, there will be hundreds and thousands of them in front of your screen of all budgets and brands.

Picking one from such a wide array of products can be really difficult. And it is safe to assume that, most of them aren’t that great. But how does someone with zero knowledge know the good from the bad?

That’s where I come in with the 7 cruise ship walkie talkie to make the task a bit easy.

1. Midland 50 Channel Waterproof Long Range Walkie Talkie for Cruise

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof Long Range Walkie Talkie

For true long-range, go with the Midland. This two-way radio with its 50 GMRS channels is quite outstanding.

Just like the Moto one, this has privacy coding available. For users to find a free channel won’t be a problem. And it shouldn’t be as it got auto-scanning. The device finds an open channel for the user to use from all the 3124 combinations on its own. No need to manually do it if you don’t want to.

Now, coming back to the range, you get over 36-miles coverage with the unit. That’s in an open space with no obstruction. Though still, the signal transmission through thick walls with this unit is better than most.

Well, speaking of better things, the unit got a good speaker that offers crystal clear sound. The quality of sound is good because of the mic too as it picks up the user’s voice and neglects the background noise.

Besides that, there are a lot of other things that make it great like the NOAA alert, the channel lock, and other small but significant stuff like such. No doubt, if you’re looking to take walkie talkies on carnival cruise ships, this is the one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has 50 GMRS channels
  • Has 142 CTCSS/DCS privacy codes
  • Gives 36-mile range in open area
  • Has NOAA weather channels with alert function
  • Set includes three walkie talkies
  • Vibrate alert and SOS siren
  • Hands-free operation with eVOX

2. Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie for Cruise Ship

Topsung M880 FRS Walkie Talkie for Cruise Ship

Putting the Topsung side by side with the Floureon, you won’t be able to separate one from the other. They look quite identical.

But one thing for sure, it got more color options to choose from the earlier one. Besides that, even function wise, it is quite similar to the earlier gear. You get an auto-squelch system that tones down the background to pick up the only sound of the person talking on the radio.

However, there are a lot of smart features on the thing that make it really different. Whether it has auto monitor function, the auto memory one, the one with an auto scan, or power saving mode with low battery alert, the device is full of these features which make it ideal for those who aren’t a hands-on user of the walkie-talkie.

It’s quite user-friendly.

And when it comes to getting connected with others using the radio, there isn’t anything that’s out of the box here. You can hop on FRS or GMRS signals with 22 main channels and 121 privacy codes to get an open line for communication.

The range is also quite good as you can get 16 miles in open areas.

But the true beauty of the unit is it is so easy to use. Even the design of it is perfect as it fits right on your palm. It doesn’t have any real weight to it. So, it doesn’t bother you. And it got features that you want like keypad lock, adjustable power and volume, and other stuff like such to make the user experience more enjoyable.

Even the fact, it gets made from green materials like ABS plastic gives you some sense of pride using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with auto squelch, auto power saving and more
  • Have 22 channels come with 121 privacy codes
  • Up to 16 miles long range
  • Lightweight design
  • Supports hands-free operation
  • Available in many colors

3. COBRA ACXT545 Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ship

COBRA ACXT545 Walkie Talkies

The Cobra ACXT545 is the kind of walkie talkies you want to take with you on the trips you’ve got kids. Its durable build with waterproof nature gives you the assurance that even if you or the kids drop it, it won’t break easily.

Besides that sturdy structure, also the device seems quite unassuming. You have a small screen surrounded by all the buttons that got clearly labeled with the thing they do. Even if you’re using it for the first time, making what each button does won’t be that hard.

But ruggedness and ease of use isn’t the only thing that makes the Cobra a stand out. It got more to it. To start, the range it offers is quite good. With 28 miles of coverage, you can certainly contact with your kid or partners running around the cruise quite easily.

Plus, there is the added privacy which gives you more channels to use to keep your conversations secret from other radio users on the ship.

Even for kids that are too small, the device is the perfect companion as it has a voice-activated transmission. They can just speak and not operate the walkie-talkie buttons to let you know their locations. Don’t worry about the battery dying on the thing, with the rechargeable batteries, you can get many hours of talk-time with it.

And for the adults, knowing when the transmissions are coming, there is an enhanced vibrating notification on the device. It comes with the flashlight and you can use it for more than just to talk.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers range up to 30 miles
  • There are 2662 channel combinations
  • Has 10 NOAA channels
  • Comes with IPX2 waterproof rating
  • VOX operation available
  • Has a built-in powerful LED flashlight
  • Set comes with a two-port charging dock

4. Motorola MH230R Talkabout Walkie-Talkies for Cruise Ship

Motorola MH230R Talkabout Walkie-Talkies

When it comes to walkie-talkies or any other telecommunication device, one brand that comes to mind right off the bat is Motorola.

Motorola got some great walkie-talkies, and the Talkabout MH230R is certainly one of them that you should take with you on the cruise. With 23 miles of range, getting in touch with your friends or family on the cruise won’t be an issue.

And there is no risk of someone eavesdropping on your chats. The walkie-talkie got 22 channels and 121 privacy codes which give you around 2662 combinations to work with. Finding an open channel is much easier with it.

The battery life is also quite impressive in this unit. It got a dual power system. When you find yourself in situations where you can’t charge the NiMH rechargeable battery, you can use 3 AA batteries to keep the unit running up to 26 hrs.

One other thing that makes life easy for the users is the Vox control. You can talk with others without pressing any button. The radio picks up your voice and transmits on the go. Plus, with those 11-weather channels at your fingertips, you can always be ready for the unforeseen.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 10-hours talk-time with alkaline battery
  • Has 7 NOAA channels with alert features
  • Got 22 channels with 121 privacy codes
  • Two-way radio offers a range up to 23 miles
  • 8 hours talk-time with NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Offers hands-free operation with VOX support

5. FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios

For a small family, the 4 pack Floureon walkie talkies for a cruise is the ultimate option. The device here is quite small so it fits right in your hand. And the functionality it has can’t be any simpler.

There are only 5 buttons on the front of the walkie-talkie. You’ve got a power button, menu button, one for calling, and two arrow buttons to move up and down through the menu contents. Figuring out how it works won’t be like solving a rocket science equation, that’s for sure. That’s the kind of gear you want to take with you on your travels.

Right on the side, there is the PTT button, which allows you to simply press and transmit your message to others.

Compared two the other devices, this one is a bit different as the two way radio uses both FRS and GMRS bands. So, you get to enjoy both the narrowband and wideband range depending on your need.

At best you can get 5km of transmission range using it, which is more than you can ask for from such devices. But that’s not all. You get your privacy with various channels to talk on along with a crystal clear sound quality that makes it easier for people to hear each other, even if they’re in the middle of a crowd.

Also, the LCD display on the unit is quite impressive. Though it’s quite small in size, the backlit LED makes it quite visible at night. Using the gear won’t be a trouble in dark. Not to forget, it can show you the way in the dark too as it got an LED torch too.

Highlighted Features:

  • FRS and GMRS bands use
  • Offers long range up to 3000m
  • Provides loud and crystal clear sound.
  • Has auto-squelch function to mute background noise
  • Got a LCD backlit display
  • Has LED torch for emergency
  • Functions like call alert and channel lock is available

6. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Cruise Walkie Talkies

For a cheap 4 pack cruise walkie talkies set, go with the Arcshell. While all the devices here have that modern vibe with screen and all, these are quite basic with nothing more than a couple of buttons and a large speaker.

Using it can be easy and complex at the same time when it comes to tuning it to the frequency. But you don’t need to do a lot of things other than that with it, which makes it also easy to use.

Now, when comes to the size, it is quite convenient as it stands just about 4.53 inches. Even it is lightweight.

Coming to the use, there are 16 pre-programmed channels on the unit. While changing through the channel, there is a voice that tells you the channel number, so tuning the walkie-talkie with others on the same frequency isn’t that hard.

Also, the privacy issue is not something you need to be concerned with with the Archshell as it got 50 CTCSS tones and 105 CDCSS tones on each of those channels. It makes it hard for someone spying on your conversations as there are too many combinations to go through.

Though missing a screen might be troublesome for some, but the battery life the unit offers will cover up for that big time. The 1500 mAh rechargeable batteries will last for long hours for the lack of screen too.

And you can’t have any complaints about the sound quality in the thing. It got built-in speakers that are as good as you can get for the price.  With simple PTT operation and VOX support coming with it, and a 5 miles range, it is the gear to have on the cruise.

Especially because it uses UHF technology which works through obstructions better than most.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Uses UHF frequency
  • Offers range up to 5 miles
  • Has 16 pre-programmed channels
  • Large 1500 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Built-in speaker offer noise-free sound

7. Retevis H-777 Cruise Walkie Talkies for Adults

Retevis H-777 Cruise Walkie Talkies

Retevis model is quite similar to the earlier Arcshell. This one also has a no-display design with nothing but a couple of buttons to power up the unit, and change volumes and such.

But that’s the beauty of it. You don’t need to try to figure out what it can do and all, with only 16 selectable channels to talk on, that work gets done by the walkie-talkie itself. Even when you get the unit out of the box, the walkie-talkie is synced to the same channel for the users to get the fun of using it right away.

Now, one thing that the H777 seems to do quite well offers the range. To cover up the entire cruise, it is more than enough. And for emergency situations, the unit is ready to give you a lot of options.

For instance, it got an alarm function for emergencies. Plus, there is an emergency flashlight on the unit.

But the true stand-out feature of the unit is its battery life. The unit lets you talk for about 8-9 hours with ease. Thanks to features like the battery saving function, the unit makes it all possible.

And when it is about to die on you, it starts prompting with a low battery alert, so that you can plug it in to get it charged, which is also a handy thing to have.

With good sound quality, great range, and an easy to use the system, the walkie-talkie makes the perfect candidate to take with on the trips.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack includes three walkie-talkies
  • Offers 16 channels
  • Provide 9 hours talk-time with full charge
  • Has LED flashlight and emergency alarm
  • Battery takes 2-3 hours to charge
  • Works out of the box


How To Communicate On A Cruise Ship

Besides getting the walkie-talkie, what another way you can communicate with your friends and family on the cruise while everyone goes their separate ways. Here are some good tips that you can follow:

  • Have a plan. If your group fixes a time and place where everyone will meet after their solo adventures, then your trips would be more organized and less chaotic.
  • Post-it notes never seem to fail. Have them with you and leave a note in front of your room to let others know where you will be.
  • In your cabins, you have a phone. You can use them to plan for the entire day before going out for some cruising fun.
  • With some of the new cruises, there is WiFi available onboard, which solves the problem of communication. Though it is still not stable as the land ones, so keep your post-it notes or walkie-talkie with you as a fail-safe on those cruises.

Benefits Of Walkie Talkie On A Cruise Ship

Yes, there are many other ways you can keep tabs on each other while roaming alone on the cruise ship. But those techniques might not be convenient enough. Let say, someone forgot the time and place they were supposed to meet. Plus, using other methods like a post-it note, you already let it for others to see too.

Then calling from the cabin phone, you can plan in the morning, but plans can change midway and you can’t let the other people know about it.

There are all those issues with those mediums. With a walkie-talkie, you can solve all the problems. You can change your plan on the fly. You can keep track of the other person wherever they want. And more importantly, you can keep your meeting private. So, there are many benefits to it.


Are walkie talkies allowed on cruise ship?

Yes, you can bring walkie-talkies to the cruise ship as there is no restriction on it.

Should You Bring Walkie-Talkies on a Cruise?

If you’re going with your family and friends then you should. That way, everyone can wonder about their own way and still keep in touch.

Will walkie talkies Cover the Entire cruise Ship?

If you’re on the deck of the cruise, then you can cover a large distance without obstacles. Still, you can’t cover the whole thing.

Can I use the walkie talkie in every port?

Using it on the ship is one thing, there are no restrictions on that. But for every port to use it, you need to make sure the law allows you to use it.

Why are privacy codes important on a cruise ship?

Privacy codes in general are important as you get more channels to use. Even more, you realize that on the cruise as many people can occupy the frequencies there.

Do cell phones work on cruise ships?

You can’t use your cell phone on a cruise unless you can get on the ship’s cellular or WiFi network.

Can you text for free on a cruise ship?

Using the ship’s network, you can send the text for free.

Do I need waterproof walkie talkies for cruise ship?

Surrounding with water all around, even on the cruise itself with the pools and all, you should keep a waterproof device with you.


Getting yourself the best walkie talkies for a cruise ship is the best thing you can do while you’re going on travel. You can’t sit on the deck and enjoy your sun lying on the bench, while your kids or partners can look around the cruise. With just a push of a button, you can ask them their location. No need to follow them around anymore.

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