CB Radio vs Walkie Talkie – Some Key Differences Between Them

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Here is a terrible truth: it is hard to choose a radio.

Many amateurs lack knowledge about radios. That is why they often do not know what to buy.

There are many different types of radios with a variety of characteristics, which are suitable for various people and occasions.

I know that you love radios very much, but you don’t want to waste time. That is why I will tell you about the most popular types of radio – CB radio and walkie-talkies. We will try to determine which of these is better.

In just three minutes, you will know everything about CB radios and walkie-talkies.

Some Facts About CB Radio

CB Radio vs Walkie Talkie

Probably everyone who has ever heard about a radio, only thinks about CB radio because it is very popular. What is CB radio? It is a civilian radio that is intended for public use.

CB radio operates on a band of about 27 MHz. The radio has 40 channels, which provides considerable variety.

Why Is CB Radio So Popular?

Car and truck drivers love CB radio station for several reasons: a) there are many channels, b) using this radio doesn’t require a license and c) it is  powerful (and you can use amplifiers to get more power).

Walkie Talkie

A walkie-talkie radio is intended for everyone. This ranges from the police on special assignments to children who want to play and communicate by radio.

The walkie-talkie radio looks more like a telephone. It is a telephone receiver with a built-in speaker on one side and a microphone on the other. It is a classic type of radio.

There are other walkie-talkies that look different. For example, both the microphone and the speaker can be the same. Walkie-talkies also have an antenna.

If you want to send a signal (to speak), you must bring the walkie-talkie close to your face.

How Does It Work?

There are usually one (or a maximum of two) channels that transmit signals simultaneously.

There are several different models including: intrinsically safe, waterproof, analog and digital, special for use on boats or special for use in heavy industry.

Manufacturers have equipped the radio with other features that increase its price.

For example, in some walkie talkie models, there are functions, such as noise suppressors, repeaters, voice scrambling, remote control of some devices (if there is a DTMF-keyboard), VOX (for loud communication), and the ability to connect external microphones and speakers.

Unlike CB radio, walkie-talkies do not have many channels. It only has the number of channels that you set for the radio. Most often, there are no more than eight channels.

When you use walkie-talkie, you are not likely to complain about the sound quality. There is a programming code that can filter out noise.

Walkie-talkie radios are convenient because they are suitable for many different situations. You can use them when organizing a major event (such as a wedding) or for safety.

Why do people choose walkie-talkies?

It is because they works for very long distances, which can reach up to two miles.

The radio is also fairly simple. You just need to press the PTT button and hold to transmit the sound. You then just let go of the button to get a channel.

CB Radio vs Walkie-Talkie

It is wrong to say that both radios are completely different. There are many similarities between them. What are the similarities?

There are a minimum of two similarities:

  • The transceivers are similar in appearance in both devices
  • They both have channels.

Although both radios operate at different frequencies, they work within the spectrum of radio waves.

They also both have similar licensing. You do need to have a license. What do you need to do to get one? You just send a license form to the FCC. This will give you the opportunity to use more distant channels.

However, there are some differences between CB radios and walkie-talkies.


CB radios are capable of operating at a longer distance. If a walkie-talkie works at a distance of up to two miles, a CB radio is able to work at a distance of up to 20 miles. This is a significant difference in the range of the two devices.

However, this does not necessarily mean that a CB radio is better than a walkie-talkie. They are used in different situations. If your children are playing in the neighborhood, they do not need a CB radio. If you are on the road, a walkie-talkie would not be very useful. You would only be able to connect with neighboring cars and not with a more distant city.


You most like understand that the radios operate at different frequencies.

The operation of a CB radio varies, depending on the country. However, 40 channels operate in the 27 MHz (or 11 m) band.

The walkie-talkie is different because it works on two frequencies or at its rated power.

Features Of Operation

The walkie-talkie has no use, if you use it by itself. You definitely need some kind of paired device. By contrast, the CB radio is in your car, and works autonomously.

How Many People Can You Communicate With?

There is a fundamental difference. CB radio has a different band. Therefore, you can communicate with a huge (almost unlimited) number of people on the highway. To communicate you need to learn cb ten codes well.

Walkie-talkie radio only allows you to communicate with those people who have a radio.


CB radio and walkie-talkie radio are bilateral and work on a similar principle. However, walkie-talkie radio is portable, while a CB radio is not.

You might say: “It is not true. A CB radio is also portable, and takes up very little space in my car.”

It is true that CB radio can be very mobile. However, you must depend on the car and the cord when you use it.

With a walkie-talkie radio, you can go in any direction, talk on the radio and receive a signal. You don’t need a car or anything else to use walkie-talkie radio. You are completely free in space.

As you can see, noon radio is best. They are all different. This variety makes it interesting for radio amateurs.

Select the radio that suits you best and enjoy it.

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  1. We live in a rural village, and my older children go survival camping and hiking 5kms away. There doesn’t seem to be many walkie talkies that can get more than 1-2 km range in the mountain. I want them to be able to contact me if they get in trouble, or just to check in. Would a CB radio be better than walkie talkies? Also, do you know of actual long-range walkie talkies that work for mountainous areas?

    Thank you. Great informative video!

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