How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

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If you have a CB radio, you probably know that it works on low frequencies. Therefore, in a large city, your CB radio becomes almost useless.

Is it possible to fix this? Yes, it is.

You have two options: to go out of town or to the sea (you will hear it very well there) or use a CB amp.
The prospect of going to the sea to use your radio is not a very good idea. Using a CB amplifier is a good alternative.

Why should I use a CB amplifier?

How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

A CB linear amp is a very useful device that effectively amplifies the signal from the radio. How effective is it?

A CB radio usually has between 10and 12 watts of power. That’s not bad, but you can get all 15 or even 18 watts of power with a CB linear amplifier.

If you use a CB amplifier, there is no need to go to another location, because you can get a connection even up to 7k or 8k miles away.

A CB amplifier is an excellent device. It would be even better, if it were legal everywhere (please check the information about the legality of using a CB amp in your state/country, so you don’t break the law).

If you are caught illegally using a CB amplifier, you will have to pay a fine. We may be upset and ask, “What have I done?” This does not change the fact that the law prohibits exceeding the allowable output power of 12 watts.

Fortunately, it is not illegal everywhere, so I will continue with this guide.
Are you thinking of purchasing a CB amplifier for your radio? Don’t rush! There is still something that you need to check.

Is CB radio intended for amplifier power?

The issue is that different CB radios have different power thresholds. It is possible that your radio can generate its maximum power but doesn’t have an amplifier to handle it. Therefore, what does it mean?

First, you must sure that your CB radio is working properly and can be connected to an amplifier.

If everything is OK, you can start looking for a CB amplifier.

What Types Of CB Amplifiers Exist?

Types of CB Amplifiers

You will find the following three available types of CB radio amplifiers:

  • CB Linear Amplifiers
  • Valve RF Amplifiers (tube amplifiers)
  • Common-emitter Amplifiers

CB Linear amplifier is a good choice because it perfectly recovers the outgoing radio signal.

Valve RF amplifiers are suitable for very powerful (professional) radios.

Common-emitter amplifiers are good at amplifying the weak incoming signal that the radio picks up.

However, most people who need an amplifier for CB radio, only look for a CB linear amplifier. Why?

A linear amplifier is better than the others for two reasons: a) it has excellent characteristics and b) it allows you to cover hundreds of miles at the highest power.

If everything is ready with the CB radio and it is suitable for an amplifier, it is necessary to take the following steps:

How to hook up a CB Linear Amplifier?

First, it is very simple. Be careful to not overuse power (since this is not legal).

The first step

The first step is to connect the CB radio to the base that you keep at home, in the car or in another location.

You must be sure that the antenna wave is in a straight vertical position.

You shouldn’t connect a CB linear amplifier, if the standing wave ratio is not adequate. This is because it is possible to break the radio.

You should also be sure that SWR is not HIGHER than 1.5. Why is this important? This is because it could break the transistors. That is why you need a good SWR meter.

The next step is to move it close to the base to which you connected the radio.

For example, if the CB radio is connected to the car, you should put the radio on the amplifier. If the CB radio is in the car or home, the amplifier can be placed on the floor.

The second step

The next step is to disconnect the coaxial cable from the CF. This cable must be connected to an “input” (or “output”) on the amplifier.

Before you connect the coaxial cable, put the amplifier next to the radio.

The third step

There should be a patch cord with two ends that is included with the amplifier. One end should be connected to the CB radio, while the other end goes to the amplifier (the connection point is called “input”).

You should do what this patch cord is intended for – connect one to the other.

The fourth step

Is everything ready? If it is, connect the amplifier to the power supply.

If you use a standard CB amplifier, you can just insert the plug into the socket for a connection. The amplifier will be turned on.

There is a second option if you have a professional amplifier which is at a more serious level than the home version. In this case, you will need to work with the wires. Remember that the red is positive and the black is negative.

The final stage

The final step is to check to see how it works.

If the radio’s power has not changed, there are three possibilities: 1) you did something wrong and you need to repeat the connection; 2) there are problems with the amplifier or 3) your CB radio cannot be used with the amplifier.

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  1. Years ago I had a DX 250 hooked to my cobra CB. From what a just read, I did it right. I think I want to do it again with a new CB and a new linear amp. Thanks for the knowledge.

  2. i am looking for a linear for my presdent grant moble radio for use as a base it is a cb and sbb radio want kind of linear would be best for it

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