34 Different Types of Radio – An Epic Complete Guide (Updated)

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Do you want to buy a radio, but you did not expect that there were many different types of radio to choose from? That is right. Radio communication has been used actively since the early 20th century.

For almost 100 years, the radio has developed many types and functions. However, the radio transmits audio content at the speed of light over hundreds and thousands of miles.

Technology has made the radio an indispensable device for various events, including a picnic in the woods, cleaning the kitchen, car repairs in the garage and even work at the airport and others. How do you choose the right type of radio? We will look at most existing types of radios.

What is a Radio?

If you forgot, I will remind you.

A radio is a device that transmits information using radio waves. Information is transmitted in the form of sound and images.

Electromagnetic energy waves are modulated, transmitted through space and hit by an electrical conductor. – This is how sound and a picture is generated that you hear from your radio.

The radio has an antenna for capturing a wave, a certain radio frequency spectrum, power, the distance the signal is transmitted, the radio frequency band, etc..

Types of Radio

Types of Radio

Despite the fact that the radio can send and receive information in only direction, there are many different types. Each type of radio has certain functions and unusual features that make it unique. The typology is based on the type of communication transmission or purpose.

1. One Way Radio

A one-way radio is very simple. It is a radio that looks like a pager. It receives communication from the control center. For example, at race tracks, race control provides information about accidents, debris, etc. Drivers hear this information.

2. Two Way Radio


The two-way radio transmits and receives a signal simultaneously. A two-way radio provides sound information. You can also respond to the information with sound. DMR digital radio is very popular in the market now.

3. Fixed Mount Radio

Fixed mount radio is a very unusual device, with a receiver and an internal multichannel antenna.

This type of radio has a screen that displays information that the radio receives. There is also a microphone in which you for talking chatting. A fixed mount radio does not require much time to install. It is ideal while at sea or in large bodies of water.

4. Portable Radio

portable radio

A portable radio can be amateur or professional. This type of radio can be installed anywhere and even take it on a small trip. Portable radios can be very useful if you go far from civilization, especially since it also works as a transceiver.

5. Handheld Radio

Handheld radio is like a portable device. The difference is that the handheld radio is two-way. It also works on shortwave. This type of radio can be either analog or digital.

6. Pocket Radio

A pocket radio is a mp3 player, which is very useful in emergency situations. Pocket radios can notify you about the weather, transmit signals from shortwave stations, has Bluetooth and do many other things. It has many functions and fits in your pocket.

7. FM Radio

FM radio is a type of analog radio.

It is frequency modulation. It works on very high-frequency waves, which transmits perfect sound. However, the FM band is short.

8. AM Radio

AM radio is another type of analog radio that is amplitude modulated.

AM radio is not widely used. This is because, after World War II, FM radio became more convenient to use. AM radio operates on the long-wavelength band. It works better for signal transmission over longer distances.

9. Shortwave Radio


Shortwave radio operates in the frequency range from 1.7 to 30 megahertz. How is radio useful?

It is useful for broadcasting over thousands of miles. By using this radio, the listener can tune in from any location. Shortwave radios can be used by private citizens as well as governments.

10. Ham Radio


Ham radio requires special training, licensing and equipment.

A ham radio is stronger than a shortwave radio. This radio makes it possible to contact operators from other countries.

Ham radio is suitable for those with a similar hobby, who are trained with professional skills for working with radio. This type of radio can also be useful during disasters, when other methods of communication are not available.

11. CB Radio

cb radio

CB means citizen’s band. It is intended to be shortwave radio that is available to everyone. This radio operates in the 27 MHz range.

CB radio is free. It transmits information from an existing radio station, from amateur to professional. You can use CB radio as a means of communication with motor transport, store warehouse, yachts, etc.

12. Car Radio

Car Radio

The car radio is well-known to anyone who has traveled in a car. This radio is used in the car and other modes of transportation. The main function of this radio is for entertainment.

This type of radio was originally just used for AM and FM radio. It is now complemented by a CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, navigation system, Bluetooth phone integration and a Smartphone controller.

13. Garage Radio

Garage Radio

The garage radio is an ordinary portable radio that runs on batteries. This radio works autonomously and transmits a weak signal. Its sound is transmitted perfectly.

14. Jobsite Radio

Jobsite radio is also portable. This type of radio is a high-performance, and weather resistant.

The radio provides stereo sound and is equipped with Bluetooth technology, excellent speakers for high-quality sound, a durable frame, USB port, and other features.

15. Tabletop Radio


Tabletop radio is a popular desktop radio that is great for the home. This radio uses a battery and is portable. It can be used in any room in the house, in addition to the kitchen. With a tabletop radio, you can save your favorite radio station and enjoy streaming audio.

16. Survival Radio

Survival radio is needed on ships and aircraft. The main function of this type of radio is to facilitate a rescue during an emergency. It transmits signals at international distress frequencies. Therefore, even the weakest signal can be transmitted.

17. Kitchen Radio

kitchen radio

A kitchen radio is compact and takes up little space. Kitchen radios are often placed under the cabinet. A kitchen radio is portable and has few wires for security. It transmits sound well, despite the kitchen noise.

Most kitchen radios have FM, DAB, Bluetooth, a kitchen timer and a sleep timer display. This is what you usually need in the kitchen.

18. Under Cabinet Radio

An under cabinet radio is very similar to a kitchen radio. This radio perfectly reproduces AM and FM radio, CD audio and is equipped with Bluetooth technology.

It is a thin walkie-talkie that is mounted below the cabinet at face level. It is very convenient to use, when you are preparing an important dinner.

19. Shower Radio


Many people have a radio in their shower room. Most often, this radio is  waterproofed, plays CDs, and includes a clock.

The shower radio is analog or digital, interfaced with FM transmitters, and makes it possible to listen to iPods and similar devices.

20. Aviation Radio

Aviation radio is a portable radio that combines the functions of a receiver, radio station, battery, and operates in the range of 25/8.33 kHz.

Inexpensive aviation radios are only suitable for communications. There are expensive analogs radios that have navigation functions.

21. Transistor Radio

The transistor radio is also a portable radio for retro lovers.

This is a small radio that fits into a pocket. A modern type of this radio allows you to listen to music, play CDs, and connect to a Smartphone.

22. Utility Radio

Utility radio is an internal radio receiver, also known as a Murphy Radio.

This radio is battery operated and has a 4-watt beep. Utility radio is usually used by service stations, because the radio is too complicated to be understood by the general public.

23. Weather Radio

The weather radio is a radio receiver that is designed to receive weather service broadcasts. It provides useful weather warnings about hurricanes, tornados and winter storms. Every crank radio is one type of weatehr radio.

This radio also has an alert function when the radio signal is turned off or tuned to another band.

This radio will keep you informed about severe and dangerous storms, so that you can take the proper precautions.

It is important that even the hearing-impaired can use this radio with external devices.

24. Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is one of the newest broadcasting technologies. This radio transmits signals. How is satellite radio different from AM and FM radio? Satellite radio works with digital coding, so this radio uses a special receiver.

However, you need a paid subscription to use a satellite radio. Without a subscription, a computer chip inside the radio does not unlock broadcast channels.

25. Walkie-Talkie

A walkie-talkie is a portable radio that can send and receive radio signals.

The radio signals are limited to a one-mile radius.

These walkie-talkies used to allow two or more people to communicate with each other, in situations where other mobile communication is without a signal.

26. Police Radio

Police radio can only be used by law enforcement agencies. It is intended specifically for them.

Even if you want to, you cannot listen to a police radio, since it is encrypted.

This radio works in police cars and control centers in police stations.

27. Foxhole Radio

Have you ever heard of Foxhole radio?

It is an improvised radio that was created by soldiers in World War II for entertainment.

The soldiers listened to local radio stations, and broadcast information about the battle of Anzio, which took place in Italy.

There is no radio wave source. However, it has a wire antenna, a microphone and many wires.

28. Crystal Radio

Crystal radio or crystal set is a radio receiver that is used to receive a signal without external power.

Although this type of radio is no longer popular, it was used when the radio was just gaining popularity.

A crystalline radio has a very simple structure consisting of several parts. This radio is very sensitive and transmits a weak sound.

29. Battery Operated Radio

A battery-operated radio can be any portable radio with many different purposes. Camping radio is the best example of a battery operated radio

This type of radio receiver is light and simple. You can take this radio and battery power with you on a trip.

Battery operated radio can receive more than 1000 radio stations throughout the world and reproduces a frequency range up to 16000 Hz on average.

30. Battery less Radio

This radio does not require a battery but operates using electricity is a battery-less radio.

If this type of radio earlier worked from the network, it now does not require a power source. Energy is derived from radio waves, for which a wire antenna is used.

31. Wi-Fi Radio

Wi-Fi radio is a simple modern radio, which will even be easy for grandparents to use.

The radio works using Wi-Fi without interference. By connecting the radio to the Wi-Fi network, you will receive high-quality sound from many radio stations throughout the world.

In order to enjoy the sound, you just need to connect the radio to Wi-Fi, enter the password from the network when you first connect, and the radio will automatically connect.

32. Internet Radio

Why has internet radio been very popular during the first quarter of the 21st century?

The sound of this radio is broadcast over the Internet. You can connect to the webcast and listen to high-quality sound from any radio station in the world.

This radio allows you to listen to podcasts, recordings of radio programs, and more.

33. Clock Radio

A clock radio is the best alternative of the alarm clock. With the digital clock radio right by your bed, you can wake up to music.

34. Marine Radio

There are mainly two types of marine radio: handheld marine radio and fixed mount radio. Marine radios are very useful when you will go to water.


There are at least 34 types of radios. These radios all differ in their frequency range, power, wavelength, etc..

Do you want to choose the perfect radio that is suitable for any event? The information we presented above will allow you to make the right choice.

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