Walkie Talkie Morse Code – Learn And Use Smartly

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What will you do, when you are in an extreme situation? Flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires and anything else. These disasters can touch every person.

Let’s be honest: these incidents can affect everyone. However, we are not all ready for this.

In addition to a clear mind, other skills are needed for survival. What are they?

How about Walkie Talkie Morse code?

Imagine that you are in a dangerous, emergency situation. Hopefully, you know Morse code. If you do, your chances of survival are good.

This skill will definitely be helpful in an emergency situation. Morse code will help you to find help, by contacting someone on the radio, so you can be saved.

Morse code is not as complicated as you might think. Even if it seems difficult, it is still very useful.

However, there is an opinion that “Morse code is from the last century”. It is true that this is the age of technology. However, most of these technologies fail, as soon as a disaster occurs. Do you still want to depend on technologies without any connections, or do you want to survive?

I would imagine that you would choose the second alternative, which is why you need I will tell you about Morse code.

Walkie Talkie Morse code: What is it?

Walkie Talkie Morse Code

If you read this, then you have limited knowledge about Morse code. You probably think that it is difficult. However, it is not true.

It is very simple. Each letter and number is represented by a dot or a dash. It is the main principle of Morse code.

To survive, we say SOS. How is that shared using Morse code? It is three points, a dash, and again three points.

If you are in a difficult situation, you can transmit this signal with a walkie-talkie radio and get the help you need.

Since this request for help is universal for all countries, I recommend that it is the first thing that you learn.

However, it is important to understand that only those who know Morse code, can understand your message and help you.

Morse code is an informal language, which allows you to transmit information in any way possible. It can be clicks, light signals, or tones, that all can be conveyedwith a point and a dash.

Morse code does not work with Cyrillic or other alphabets. It is an international “language,” and which should be useful for everyone. It is based on the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals.

What radio do you use Morse code with? Morse code is usually used for walkie-talkie radio.

It is important to know that there is a space between each letter. How do you mark a space? One stroke or three points is enough. There is also a space between the words, which is seven points.

Who uses Morse code? There are many options: radio amateurs, those who like to use walkie-talkie radios, air traffic controllers and pilots are the main users.

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How To Learn Morse Code?

First, you need to be patient. There are several ways that will help you to learn Morse code.


It is an old-fashioned and reliable method. Just find a book and practice.

Online Resources

There are many online, interactive methods that are available for learning Morse code.

Online courses and resources involve both your eyes and your ears. It, therefore, captures your interest and makes the training more productive.


The best way to learn Morse code is to download the app on your smartphone/ tablet. These applications can teach you Morse code. You can set aside some time for intensive training and the rest of the time you can train.

Another useful resource is to use site translators.

You can find Morse code diagrams anywhere.The Internet has many techniques for learning how many points and dashes are in each letter and number.

You should print it out and place it in a location where you can see it easily.

With 10 minutes of daily practice, you will know how to communicate in an emergency situation.

If you divide the learning process into several steps, it will help you to be more productive.

Do You Have Walkie Talkie Radio?

If you have a walkie talkie radio, you should use it.

This is because using Morse code is possible on a walkie talkie radio. It is also a good place to practice. However, you also need to find a partner to practice with.

Using the radio is easy. First, say call sign like BASE, and then start a conversation. In the end, say “finished.”

Do you copy? This is a phrase that everyone has heard in movies and on television. What does it mean? You need to say: “Do you copy?” when you wait for confirmation from another person.

There are still important words like “Base” – this is your interlocutor and “Roger”, which means “I hear you.” Wilco has a similar meaning.

Time for Advice

  • If it is not about survival, it is recommended to use a positive tone.
  • Speak clearly, pronounce every word and eliminate any unnecessary noise that may make it difficult to listen to your signal.
  • Be sure that you really finished the conversation. If you forget to turn off the conversation, you will not allow other people to contact you. Do not say that you are alone!
  • Profanity and a large number of repetitions is not professional.
  • To use the channels from 1 to 22 (these are the channels that use all), you need a license. If you do not have a license from the FCC, you will be fined.

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  1. I’ve spent a lot of time searching phrases such as “how to transmit Morse over walkie talkie” but I just keep getting articles that teach how to learn Morse. I’m looking for how to transmit Morse code. I’ve heard a walkie talkie is an option but I’m unable to find a single article that actually walks me through even the most basic steps of how this is accomplished without an actual paddle unit. Surely there is some way to transmit dits and dahs without hooking up a telegraph apparatus? It seems like such a simple thing in today’s technology to install buttons that say Dit and Dah but why is this so hard to find out about other than on smart phones and computers, which would be obsolete in a real emergency? How exactly would a walkie talkie be used to send and/or receive Morse code? thank you!

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